My Life is Jammed Again (Part 2)

In the last blog, we discovered that our lives were like copy machines.  Our lives are created with a specific purpose and woven by the hand of God.  In this portion, I will start with how copy machines reflect portions of our lives.

When you think of copy machines, what do you think of?  Jams?  Error?  Service Technicians?  Toner?  I have asked this question many times and those were the answers I typically get.  Most people think of copiers as negative, just for menial work to produce a product that has little value.  What most people don’t realize is that the copier clearly reflects how we operate our lives.

In your office, you probably have a copier and wonder how it works.  Let’s start by what happens after you hit the ‘Start’ or ‘Copy’ button.  What do you observe?  First, you will notice a bright light appearing and then it will start to move.  This process is what the industry calls the Exposure Process.  It is a simple act, where the light from the copier shines and reflect the white portions of the paper.  This simple action tells the copier, what portion of the paper is white and what is black (or has color).

Our lives work the same way.  When we expose ourselves to various forms of media our internal ‘light’ shines and it tells our brain what is good (white) and what is not so good.  Unfortunately, in our society we see more negative in life than positive.  Look at the front page news.  What do you see?  Wars.  Crime.  Bad investing.

How about other forms of media like movies or magazines?  Most of these are filled with adult-filled content and gross lack of respect for human life.  Does this mean I don’t watch TV or movies?  No.  However, most times, I need to be on careful alert to what I am watching.  Why?  Because when I expose my eyes and ears to things that are sinful and negative, I produce a negative copy in my mind and heart.

This means that eventually, what will come out is what I put into my heart and mind through my eyes and ears.  You might say to me, “Well, I can handle that.  I can watch almost anything and not be affected.”  How mislead we are if we think this way.  Matthew 6:22 say,”The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be filled with light.” (NASB)

So if our eyes are the light to our body, then it affects everything about us.  So if we expose ourselves to content that is immoral, unethical and inappropriate, we will eventually do or say the things we don’t want to say.

I was urged recently to do a media fast.  For 7 days, I did not watch TV, read the newspaper or go on social media sites.  After the 7 days, I decided to watch a program with my kids.  I was completely shocked at what I saw.  Here was what is a young children’s show that was inappropriate, had a lack of respect for authority and adult-type discussions.  All of this and kids under 12 were encouraged to watch it!

No matter how you may feel about your favorite programs.  I encourage you to go on a media fast for 7 days.  During that time, read the Scriptures and pray.  Then after the 7 days, watch the same favorite show and discover what you thought was entertaining, happens to be filled with stuff we don’t need.

To make a good copy on the copy machine, the original needs to be clean.  Try the fast for 7 days and let me know what you discover.  See you soon.


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