My Life is Jammed Again (Part 4)

In the last three (3) blogs, we saw:

  • We were made with a purpose
  • We were knitted with care and love
  • What we expose ourselves to will affect us, both positively and negatively
  • We will face problems but they will cause us to grow

In this fourth and last part, we will see another aspect of copy machines that we can relate to.  It is one that I hold dearly to as I have been one of these for many years.

“Only a certified technician can properly fix the real problems.”

Have you ever wondered what was wrong when your copy machine decides it doesn’t want to work anymore?  How about clearing a jam that cannot be located?  Many of us have been extremely frustrated when a problem happens and we can’t fix it.  We have toiled and struggled, with all of our might, to fix the problem only to see that another problem has been added to the original one.

The #1 problem in copy machine servicing is customers or technicians (who aren’t certified) try to fix one problem only to add more problems.   Here is a situation that I came across, many years ago, that will help picture what I am saying.

“A customer called for a jam in the fixing assembly.  When the technician arrived, they were able to see damage to the fixing rollers.  When the technician asked about the jam, the customer admitted that they tried to remove the paper jam from the fixing assembly using a letter opener.”

What this customer had done actually cost them more to repair the machine than it should have been.  Why?  The customer thought they could take control of their situation only to find the problem was a lot bigger than them.  The customer didn’t see the real problem.

The same holds true in our lives.  We have problems and situations and we try to take control to solve those problems.  Sometimes we create problems with our thoughts, words and actions.  Other times, other people create our problems, but many times, the problems we face cannot be blamed on anyone or thing.

You get the phone call from your doctor asking for you to come to his office right away.  You find out your spouse was killed in a car accident and didn’t have life insurance.  You are attacked and beaten for the $5 you carry in your wallet.  These are problems you didn’t expect, you didn’t plan for and didn’t know was going to happen.  These are not your fault.  The question becomes, how do we react to our problems?  Do you call a ‘certified technician’?

When a technician wants to get certified on a copy machine, they may have to go through training which can include studying theory, physically disassembling the machine and understanding the most common customer situations.  They go through a process of a trainer (teacher) creating problems in the machine purposely in order to see if you can resolve the problem.

Certified technicians understand how the copier works, what the customer options are and how to use the service documentation to resolve most problems.  Are there times, the certified technician needs help?  Yes.  However, as a technician becomes more proficient in repairs and machine operation, the less likely he/she is to call someone for help.  A good certified technician understands the power of asking questions.  They know the right question to ask, in order discover information that will help them identify and repair the machine quickly.  Our lives are no different.

When the times come, and they will, we will enter problematic and stressful situations.  We need to realize there are options for us.  We need a certified technician.  Depending on our situation a certified technician may be someone who has been through the same problems we are facing.  Sometimes, a certified technician could be someone who is trained to deal with the problem at hand.  There is one ‘Certified Technician’ that can help every time, no matter how big our problems are.

The Bible tells us that God is waiting to hear from us.  He understands our situations.  In the last three (3) blogs we talked about God designing us, purposing our lives, His love for us and how He wants to be a part of our lives.  We don’t always know someone or feel comfortable with someone to talk to, but God is waiting for you.  He wants to hear from you.  King David poured out his heart to God in the Psalms.  Job poured out his heart after he lost his land, cattle and family.  The apostle Paul even poured out his heart to God and asked God to remove a problem from his side.  All the “big Godly” people we look at, they have one thing in common, they are not afraid of pouring their hearts out to God.

Just as a good certified technician can repair almost anything, God is the Certified Technician in life.  He has the ability to fix everything that we face.  Don’t give up hope.  The Great Certified Technician is waiting to hear from you.  We need to call on Him, otherwise we will just add more problems to the one we are already face.  God is waiting, give Him a call in prayer today.


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