The Ultimate “Daddy” Test (Continued)

Yesterday, I shared the first part of my experience with the “Ultimate ‘Daddy’ test”.  Not to keep the suspense to long, here is the rest of the story….

Nine months later, we brought my son back to the hospital.  While we were waiting, another boy was crying because he was going to have surgery for tubes.  His parents were also crying trying to reassure their son that everything would be okay.  My 6 year old, saw this and put his arm around the crying boy and said, “Don’t be sad.  Let’s play a game together.”  The boy immediately stopped crying.  A look of shock came over the parents, my wife and I and the boy’s parents asked, “What just happened?”  I said, “That was God working in your son’s life.”  We talked for a few minutes and told each other our son’s problems.

Shortly after, the doctor came and gave him the “sleepy medicine” once more.  After my son started to fall asleep, a nurse told me that I could not carry him.  I told her, “No one will stop me.  He is my son and I will place him on the table, no one else.”  She saw the determination in my eyes and led me down the terrible path.  Again, as we were waiting for the outcome, the same thought came as it did 9 months earlier, “Is he really mine?  Can I do with him as I please?”

This time, I knew it was God.  I prayed and said, “Yes.  It is very hard for me to give up my son, but yes.  Do with him as you see fit.  You know what I want but he is yours.”  It was then that the ultimate revelation came to mind.  I wonder if God felt the same way when Jesus hung on the cross?  Was He thinking, “This is hard, but it needs to be done.”  Was he crying the same way I cried?  Did He really feel the same way I do?

While the operation was proceeding, my friend, who I had called 9 months earlier, came to the hospital with his wife and we cried and explained that although I didn’t like what my son was going through, God was in control.  After 6 hours, the nurse came out and said, “The operation was a success, you can see you son now.”    A few days later, the doctor told us the tumor was not cancerous and we didn’t have to worry about it.  She was going to closely watch it but it shouldn’t grow back as they were able to remove the entire original tumor.  Unfortunately, what she predicted did not come true.

A few years later, we brought my son in for a routine check-up.  The doctor looked into his ear and said, “I am sorry to say this, but we are going to have to go back in and do a different surgery.  We have to eliminate the entire ear canal.  The tumor has grown back.”  The pressure of a thousand horses running over my body over and over again is the only description I can use that explains how I felt.  He was going to have to get yet another surgery.

He was scared, but he was also old enough to understand that this had to be done.  He didn’t like it but he knew what to expect.  This surgery took another 5 ½ hours.  After the surgery, the doctor said, “We will check the tumor again but because of this surgery, he should not need surgery again.  If it comes back, we will be able to remove it at my office.”

Needless to say, the third surgery was the final one.  Today, he is a teenager and loves sports.  He can’t hear out of his ear, but the tumor has not returned.  God taught me several lessons when it comes to life.  First, He truly is in control.  No matter what we go through, He is right there carrying us, crying with us, laughing with us and talking softly to us.  Second, when we make a serious commitment to God, He will test us.

In the Bible, Peter made a serious confession to follow Christ, but Christ stated, “Peter, Satan has asked to sift you.”  God allows us to go through trials to show others (including the angels) that our commitment is real.  When we decide to make that serious commitment to His Kingdom, we should not be shocked when trials come.

Lastly, God reminded me, He fully understands what we go through.  Just as I had to give up my son to Him, God gave His Son up for me first.  Jesus willing gave His life for my benefit to the glory of God.  Jesus was beaten and bled just to ensure that the Father could have a relationship with us.  How crazy is that thought?  Let it sink in.  Someone gave their life so that you could live eternally in paradise.  AMAZING!  Don’t let this opportunity go by.  God is calling you into a relationship with Him.  This two part blog is no accident and it is not by chance that you are reading this.  God wants you.  He love you.  He made you.  He desires to be with you.  As I took the “Ultimate ‘Daddy’ test” and realized what God was doing, so you to will go through some “Ultimate ‘[place your situation here]’ test”.  Just remember, whatever you give up to God, He will answer.  It may be uncomfortable, but He really is in control.

Be encouraged and make a positive difference in someone else’s life today with your story.  God Bless.


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