Lessons from the Shadows (Part 2)

In the last blog, I talked about this little, black cat that was scared and hungry.  I also spoke about how my son and I sat there discussing the how God is wooing us like we were doing to the cat.  After feeding the cat for a few weeks, we started finding her sitting outside our door.  I would open the door in the morning and she would jump up, look at me and meow.  We would feed her a small portion in the morning and a small portion in the evening.  But then, suddenly she disappeared.

I thought to myself, “Wow.  Maybe this cat was sent to teach me about how God longs to have an intimate relationship with me.”  Every day we checked.  Not there.  Day after day, we would open the door with expectations of grandeur just to be disappointed by her not being there.  I would find myself expecting the same thing in the evening.

My younger son asked, “Daddy, why hasn’t she come back?”  I would reply, “Maybe someone else picked her up and took her in.”  Ultimately, this conversation would lead us to the unthinkable.  My son asked, “Did she get hurt?  You know she only has one eye and can’t see like you and me.”  Although this did cross my mind, I said to him, “She’s a tough cat.  She’s got her claws.”  This appeared to appease him for the time being.

Approximately one month later, my wife and I decided to put everything away that was cat related and try to give the food away.  One evening, I came home from work and there she was!  She came back!  She looked healthy and excited.

Unfortunately for me, lesson two was about to begin.  I went outside, and she followed me, meowing and purring.  I looked at her as if I was angry and said, “Oh so now you come around only when you need or want something.  Well, little missy, it isn’t going to work.”  She continued to meow.  I went back inside the apartment when God struck me with this thought, “How many times do you come to me for your wants and needs?  When do you come to me just to be with me?”

Remembering the conversation I had with my son a month or so earlier, I sat down and confessed that I only go to Him when I need or want something.  I couldn’t remember the last time I went to God just to say how much I love Him.  I remembered a quote from the Bible, “If he opens the door, my Father and I will come in and dine with him”.”  This was a sign of intimacy and friendship.  All I had to do is open my heart to God and He would come to me and talk with me like close friends.

I changed my heart toward the cat and decided to feed her.  I couldn’t let her in because I wasn’t sure if she had fleas or any disease that might affect my kids.  She was grateful and we continued to feed her.  One day, my son asked, “Daddy, when can she come in and live here?  She’s been coming around and hasn’t disappeared?”  My heart was filled with compassion as I thought about it but had to explain that she couldn’t come in because we don’t know enough about her.

While we were outside playing with her, our neighbor walked over and said, “Oh you have the momma cat.”  What?!  The momma cat?  I thought she was still a kitten?  I asked him more about her and he explained to us the vet that lived across the street had taken her for about a month to give spade her and give her the shots she needed.  What my neighbor didn’t know was that I had investigated what was needed to bring her in.  ALL OF OUR NEEDS WERE MET BY SOMEONE WE BARELY KNEW!

I also asked, “You said momma cat.  Where are her kittens?”  He said, “We have two of them, but the vet will be taking the other two for adoption in a day or so.”  Oh no.  Her litter would be taken from her.  What would she do then?  It was then that I decided to talk with my landlord and ask to bring the cat in.  My landlord told me, “Sure.  As long as it doesn’t smell and she is clean.”  Praise God!  We were able to bring the cat in.

Needless to say, we brought the cat in and today, she is comfortable in our new home.  She is healthy and playful but even today, we still learn lessons from the cat.  She is now part of our family.  Her name is Shadow.


She was named by my younger son because she always hid in the shadows when she was scared.  In fact, today, when I come home, she is waiting for me, meowing and purring just waiting for me to feed and play with her.  She loves spending time with us with a love that is unconditional.  She knows her needs are met and is completely satisfied with what we give to her.

Our lives should reflect that as well.  We should love God so much that we are satisfied and content with our relationship with Him.  We should confidently know that He will meet our needs and take care of us.  We shouldn’t fear life, we should embrace it.  Don’t live in the shadows.  Live in the Light that has been given to us.


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