An Innocent Question Filled with Truth

This evening my older son had to go for a routine checkup.  Nothing major, just routine.  After he was taken into the office with my wife, my younger son and I started joking around.  It was then that he started to act silly.  Noises, funny words and contorted faces were part of our routine.  In the middle of this, he asked the most interesting of questions.  My son asked, “Dad, wasn’t Jesus a Christian?”

What a question!  It was apparent he was thinking about Christ, but to ask this question from such a young mind allowed me to see how deep his thinking really is.  I told him, “No, Jesus was Jewish.”

“Jesus was Jewish?” he asked.

I started to explain that Jesus grew up in Israel and was raised in a Jewish home.  I didn’t get into the high level of theological discussions as he would have been completely lost.  I just told him the truth.  Simply yet powerfully.

A short time later, we were in a store looking for last minute Christmas items.  We gathered everything we wanted and started to checkout.  The gentleman behind the counter totaled up our “savings” and I paid him what was necessary.  It was then that my son did something wonderful.

He turned to the man behind the counter with a penny in his hand and said, “Sir.  I found this on the floor.”  That was when he handed it over to the man.  Both the man and I were shocked.  A penny?  Yes.  It wasn’t the amount of money that shocked us, it was the fact that he felt compelled to tell the truth.  It didn’t matter to him that there was no influence on the amount of money found.  He just decided to tell the truth.  Innocently yet powerfully.

Tonight I had a lesson from an 8yr old.  Truth is necessary for living.  If we decide not to live truthfully, we decide that Christ doesn’t matter.  However, when we live completely truthfully and ask the right questions, we discover a life of power.  We discover that only through the working of the Holy Spirit can we be totally honest, gentle and patient.

The end result of both of what happened this evening was the discovery that the Truth is powerful.  Live in innocence.  Ask the right questions.  Discover the truth and you life will be filled with joy as mine was tonight.  God Bless and go encourage someone today.


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