Cracked Pipe, Frozen Pipe, New Home

On Sunday afternoon, we noticed that our hot water pipe to our bathroom was frozen.  As we had this happen once before, we turned off all the water, drained all the pipes and let it sit overnight.  This worked the last time so it should work this time.  Yesterday, the pipe unfroze.  So I went to check the pipes to see if there were any leaks.  To our dismay, there was a leak.

We knew the hot water was the problem so I had my wife run the hot water to see how much it was leaking.  The only way to explain it is a lovely flowing waterfall in the deepest darkest dungeon.  We immediately called a plumber.

My mom had given to us the name of someone but decided not to call him as we were unsure of his licensing for our area.  So we got a hold of someone else and ensured that they were licensed.  They told me that a gentleman would show up within the hour.

About 20 minutes later, the plumber showed up and we walked around trying to figure out where the leak was.  As is with all Murphy cases, the pipes were buried inside our kitchen walls.  As we continued to talk, I figured out he was about my age and grew up in the same area.  In fact, he knows all the people I know.  It was if he was an age old friend who was helping me out.  The funniest part came when he told me that he went to a program at our church, when he was a teenager.  It was the same program I had gone through at the same time, so our paths had crossed at least once before.

As we continued to talk, he mentioned his last name.  The invisible light bulb went off in my head as we both realized that he new my family.  It was the same plumber my mother had told me to call.  At first I felt bad but soon realized that God was in all this.  What are the chances that the person who you were supposed to call, gets the job from someone else who you actually called?  The fact is there is a very slim chance of that happening.

He started to open up the walls to see which of our hot pipes burst.  To our surprise there were no broken hot pipes.  We didn’t see any cold pipes broken either.  Both the plumber and I were very confused.  When we ran the hot water from the tub, there was a leak.  When we ran it from the sink, in the same bathroom, there was no leak.  So no one had any idea what the problem was.

The plumber’s helper said, “Why don’t we just pour water down the drain to see if we get water.  As no one else had any clue, we decided it was the best option.  We got a bucket, filled it with water and started to pour water down the drain of the tub.  To our surprise, there was water leaking.  But why not from the sink?  We tried the toilet and found there was a trace of water leaking.  Now this was totally confusing.  The helper asked us to pour water down the sink drain again to see what would happen.  Surprisingly, there was a very small trace of water.  Could it be?  Could the main waste pipe be broken?

They came back today with the materials necessary in case it was a waste pipe problem. They slowly and carefully dismantled the wall to expose the main waste pipe.  It was exactly what everyone dreaded.  The waste main pipe was cracked from top to bottom.  Two floors of a cracked waste pipe.

While the plumber was taking the old decrepit waste pipe out, I asked, “If the waste pipe was leaking for the 4 months we have been living here, then why wasn’t there any foul odors?”  He explained that where the water ended up was near the trap, which is where the waste water goes.  It appeared that the part of the house where waste ends up was actually masking a real big problem.

Sometimes our lives are the same way.  We realize that our lives need work, ask Jesus to come into our lives to help renovate and find out that what we are on the outside is quite different than what we are on the inside.  The Bible says, “Your works are as filthy rags.”  No matter what we do, no matter how many good works we achieve, they are meaningless to God as He is perfect and holy.

As we have a new home, there were evident problems with it.  We knew it was as is but discovered that meant something quite different to us as it meant to someone else.  Now our broken pipe has been replaced, the frozen pipes are not frozen and we are now continuing to enjoy our new home.

God has had His hand through this entire process.  The plumber was meant to be.  The frozen pipes uncovered a bigger problem.  Only a qualified licensed plumber was able to repair the problem and the price of the work was within our emergency budget.

God wants to do a mighty discovery in your life.  He wants to expose the bad so that He can fix it.  We can’t do it but He can.  Let God come into your life and help you discover there is more to life than what is on the outside.  Real life comes from the inside first.

God Bless and encourage someone today.


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