A Call To Unity, Trust and Growth

Just moments ago, President Barack Obama spoke the State of the Union address.  I must admit at first I was not that excited about this speech.  The typical speech we hear is about Democratic values vs. Republican values.  Fortunately, we did not hear this tonight, however, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

As I started to watch the speech, we found out that people were lined up since this morning just to shake hands with the President.  This reminded us of our Amway days.  People would line up for hours, sometimes overnight, just to get a spot in the auditorium to hear, see and maybe interact with the speaker.  Even we got caught up in the excitement.

During his speech, President Obama sounded as if he is interested in unity, trust and growth.  He even said, “I will lay out a blueprint tonight….”  This blueprint was to involve items like manufacturing, education and American values.  We were going to hear the details (finally) on how to get our country to be successful.

Most of his speech surrounded the economy.  He shared how he wants to encourage entrepreneurship to build successful businesses.  He spoke about how our economy is growing and the three (3) American car companies are hiring again.

President Obama shared how important education is and the importance of staying in school.  He shared about limiting illegal immigration, yet giving opportunities to those who want to become Americans.  He spoke about ways to grow the economy through innovation and manufacturing.  He claimed that to manufacturer in the United States is cheaper than manufacturing in China.

He called both parties to unify and create bills that could pass.  A call to trust each other and ‘have each other’s backs” was screamed from the pulpit.  The resounding gong of freedom of religion was sounded.  The clear megaphone of equality was voiced.  The call to grow the economy was announced.  However, in light of all this hype and preaching, there was one item he did not address, American values.

America was founded on values that are Christian in nature.  Our Constitution was written to reflect our freedoms given to us by God.  Our founding fathers wanted a country that was free from oppression and tyranny.  They had a dream of religious freedom without fear.  They knew the problem of government run churches.  They understood what it meant to be successful by the sweat of our brows.  Abraham Lincoln lived in a time where he failed more than he had success.  Yet, none of this was addressed.

If our freedoms are based on ideological, economic success, then our priorities are wrong and distorted.  When we look at other cultures that based total success on economic reforms, we see nations that failed miserably.  Even Adolf Hitler promised economic success.  Fidel Castro promised economic success.  In fact, the current Russian government stated to allow economic success, yet none of these countries are free.  None of them were successful.

When economic ideology is sounded, pride and greed creep in.  Pride says, “You can do anything you put your mind to, no matter the cost.”  Greed says, “Listen to Pride, you can succeed, no matter the cost.”  Pride and Greed work together to build a false sense of security.  The foundation of pride and greed is no more than house on sand with no solid core.

It is easy to understand, but extremely difficult to accept.  Without God, there is no success.  Without God there is no economic revivals.  Without God, we fail!  God is the essential part to our success.  If we do not listen to His direction, we ignore the Founder of life, the Sustainer of nations and the CEO of finances.

We have ignored God too long in this nation.  We have followed our pride and greed only to fail time and time again.  Will we have short term success?  Maybe, but to have long lasting, generational sustaining success, we need God.

Tonight, I read from Isaiah and discovered something extremely valuable.  In this book, God says to all nations, “I am God and there is no other.”  He says, “If you think you can be successful without Me, you are sorely mistaken.”  God proclaims, “I am the One who makes nations rise to do My will.”  God does not want 2nd place in our lives.  He wants to be the only One in our lives.

President Obama shared the call to unity, trust and growth for this nation, but failed to see the importance of true American values.  He feels that American values are based on the economy, yet God bases success on relationships.  We want money, God wants us.

So, I now make a calling to all peoples.  Turn to God and receive success.  Turn to God and know that your eternity is secure.  This world is temporary.  This economy is short lived.  Our lives are just a “dust in the wind”.  Our short years are nothing in comparison to the life yet to come.  Turn to God, seek His face and all these thing will be added unto us.  God wants us, not our ideals.

God Bless and encourage someone today.


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