Is Jesus Enough????

The most interesting question was one that I heard last night…Is Jesus enough?  What does that really mean?  Before going on, ponder this question for a moment.

So as you thought about this question, what came to mind?  You probably said to yourself, “Of course Jesus is enough.”  But is he really?

When Jesus was first starting His ministry, some interesting things happened.  First He called fishermen who when they heard His voice, they stopped what they were doing and followed Jesus. They didn’t question, they didn’t ask permission from their fathers, they just dropped what they were doing and followed Jesus.  So why did they do this?

There are a couple of valid theories regarding why these men followed Jesus.  One is that they were fishermen because they were not allowed into the Yeshiva to become a rabbi.  They had started out there, as every Jewish boy did, but as time went on, they were asked to leave and go home so because they couldn’t grasp what they were being taught.  They went home and started to learn their father’s businesses.  In this case fishermen.

A second theory is that their parents were not wealthy enough to have them at the best paid schools, so they never learned about becoming a rabbi and just became fishermen.

The third theory is that these men went to school when they were young, were taught by their parents later on and learned the family business.  They knew who Jesus was because he was one of them, a tradesman.  They also knew that he had spent time becoming a rabbi (teacher) so when Jesus asked them to follow, they gladly stopped whatever they were doing, never looked back and followed Jesus.

Personally, I don’t like the 1st theory because it insinuates that these men were rejected because they were not the best students.  It also implies that these men didn’t learn the family business until they were older.  This simply could not be as these men were professional fishermen.  They may have known who Jesus was, but probably would have been jealous of Him so why would they then follow?

The second theory, I also do not like.  The reason was because every Jewish boy was trained in Jewish laws.  They were trained by rabbis and their parents.  It was not a matter of money.  This would also imply that because they didn’t understand Jewish law, they had to make a living somehow.  I cannot agree with this because Jesus taught, “As you have been taught…”

The third theory is more feasible.  It allows both being taught about Jewish law by their parents and rabbis as taught in the Torah.  It also implies that these men made a conscience decision, based on facts about Who they were about to follow.  They understood that there was something special about Jesus and wanted to learn more.  Unfortunately, Jesus was not enough for them.

Many times people asked Jesus to heal them or their loved ones.  Just as the prophets had spoken, Jesus lovingly healed these people.  It wasn’t a burden but a calling.  However, these same people also wanted more.

One time the religious leaders wanted a sign regarding who Christ was.  Jesus responded, “Only a wicked and adulterous generation looks for signs.”  What was He saying to them?  First, I believe He was simply responding to those who doubted His deity.  Second, I believe He was asking, “Aren’t I enough?  Why do you need signs when you have Me?”

Another instance was after Jesus had fed several thousand people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  He had His disciples get baskets, prayed over the meal and divided the bread and fish among the baskets.  After distributing the food, they realized they had every basket filled having more than enough for everyone.  However, a short time later, when thousands of more people gathered, Jesus had compassion on them.  The disciples asked how they were going to get food for everyone.  They didn’t have food or money.  Jesus’ response was classic.  Basically, He said, “Don’t you remember what I did the last time?  Aren’t I enough?  Can’t I do this again?”  He did this miracle a second time to show that He can do anything (except sin).

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of when God asked, “Aren’t I enough?”  When David feared for His life.  When Elijah was depressed because he thought he was the last believer left.  When religious sects mandated that certain Jewish laws be upheld even though Jesus had finished His task and no longer mandated these laws.  So I ask again, “Is Jesus enough?”

In today’s society, we live busy lives.  We are connected to the Internet and other devices almost 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  We no longer spend time with God asking for His guidance.  We no longer talk with Him wanting to learn who He is.  We no longer take time to spend with others who are hurting and love them just as Christ loves us.  All of this shows that we feel Jesus is not enough.

If Jesus was enough, we would want to spend as much time with Him, in His word.  Or talk with Him as much as we can.  We would shut off every electronic device and pick up our Bibles and read the love letter He has written to us.  But we don’t.  Most of us feel we don’t have enough time.  We are too busy to spend time with Jesus.  Therefore, Jesus is not enough.

Take some time over this weekend to ask yourself, “What do I need to eliminate to allow Jesus to be enough?”  Is there something you need to stop?  Maybe it’s turning off the TV or doing a Facebook fast.  Maybe it’s taking time during lunch to pray and ask God to speak.  Maybe you haven’t been to church in sometime and want to visit a church to experience what God has for you.

No matter where you are, we can all do things to make time to spend with Jesus.  We can rearrange schedules to show Jesus that He is enough.  Let us take time this weekend to show Jesus that He is enough for us and that nothing else matters except for Him.  If Jesus took His precious time to willingly die for you and I, then I think it’s okay to take a little bit of time and spend it with Him.  He loves us very much and desires to spend time with us.  Allow Jesus to be enough this weekend.

God bless and encourage someone today.


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