What Does The Yellow Light Mean?

I don’t know how many people remember the sitcom series ‘Taxi’.  I remember watching it as a kid and watching the re-runs as I got older.  For those who don’t know or understand what I am talking about, here is a brief synopsis of that show.

The T.V. sitcom ‘Taxi’ took place in the garage of a local taxi driving service.  Danny Devito was the verbally abusive and sexually harassing manager of the place.  Tony Danza and a couple of others were the drivers.  The one person that stood out to me was Christopher Lloyd’s character – Reverend Jim.

Jim was an alcoholic who had the tendency to say things that either didn’t make sense or out of place.  In one episode, Reverend Jim, wanted to be a taxi cab driver.  Danny Devito said that if he could pass the test, he could be a driver (even though the manager was being completely sarcastic).  With the help of his friends (the other taxi drivers), he went down to the DMV to take the written test for a driver’s permit.  As Reverend Jim took the test, he had a tendency to speak the questions out loud.  As he did this there was one question he had trouble answering…What does the yellow light mean?

Jim read aloud, “What does the yellow light mean?”  As he thought about it, his taxi driver friends whispered to him, “Slow down.”  Jim said, “Ok…W-h-a-t d-o-e-s t-h-e y-e-l-l-o-w l-i-g-h-t m-e-a-n?”  His friends said once again but louder, “Slow down.”  Jim shakes his head and proceeds to read, “W–h–a–t d–o–e–s t–h–e y–e–l–l–o–w l–i–g–h–t m–e–a–n?”  With that the story continued until Reverend Jim just gave up on the question.

It wasn’t the question that made that funny, but the way the characters interacted.  The taxi drivers knew what the answer was, but Reverend Jim was so busy answering questions that he failed to listen and understand his friends answer.  He failed to actually slow down, pause and think and then take their given answer and write it down.

So now I must ask…How many of us take the time to slow down?  I know I don’t.  Just this evening, I came home from work, started to work on my basement, then made dinner, while eating went onto Facebook and then continued working on the basement.  From there I showered, waited for my older son to go to bed and then started writing this blog.  It is now 11:00 P.M. and I still have a couple of other things to do.  This life style has been happening for about 2-3 months.  I haven’t slowed down.  How about you?  Is your life so crazy that you can’t remember the last time, you slowed down?

When Jesus was here, He took the time to slow down.  During the greatest times of busyness, He took time, went to a quiet place and spent time with the Father.  He walked and talked with the Father before proceeding with the next step of His ministry.  Jesus even took some time to slow down the disciples.

In Matthew 6, during the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke to his disciples (and the surrounding crowds) and said, “What are you worrying about?  Look at the birds, they don’t plant or reap, yet they are fed.  Not even one bird dies without the Father knowing it.  Now look at the lilies.  They don’t work for their growth.  The Father does all of that.  He so beautifully dresses them that even King Solomon, in his best outfit, can’t match these plants.”  Jesus took the time to observe what God was doing, point out what was before everyone’s eyes and taught a valuable lesson about worrying.

When we become so busy, worry and fear enter our lives.  Fear and worry drive us to do more.  They place thoughts in our heads to keep us awake.  Fear and worry physically do things to us that actually shorten our life.  So why do we allow it?

As we become busier and busier, we believe the lies of fear and worry.  We start to wonder if there is more that can be done.  We stop praying, stop reading and stop sharing because we feel we no longer have the time.  We believe that working 60+ hours a week is normal and that we have to get things done.  However, here is the reality of our lives.

We are given 24 hours in a day.  If we sleep according to what is recommended, 8 hours, we still have 16 hours in a day.  Now if we work an 8 hour job, we now have 8 hours left in our day.  Then if we include eating breakfast and dinner, commuting and some chores, I make you a bet that you actually have 2 or 3 hours left at the end of your calculation.  So what are we doing for 2-3 hours every day (5 days a week) that we no longer have enough time?

Most likely, we are watching T.V. or spending time on the computer or doing more than what we are capable of.  This method of doing is what teaches us to be busy and not to slow down.  How do I know this?  I have lived this way and fight not to live this way every day.  This is the battle for every human being, of which I am chief of.

So what are we to do?  How about spending time with your kids?  Or maybe, taking a walk.  Maybe, we can go outside, sit down and look at our surroundings.  Look at the trees, flowers, clouds, stars or whatever interests you.  Just remember to stop and observe.

Will there be times where we are busy?  Of course.  But if Jesus took the time to talk with God, spend time with God and listen to God’s next step for Him, I believe that we can do the same.  So with that I am saying goodnight, so that I can at least spend 20-30 minutes with the One who died for me.

God bless and encourage someone today.


2 thoughts on “What Does The Yellow Light Mean?

  1. Joey, you are very profound with your stories. It’s obvious you’ve been Elightened and want to share that gift with all. Most of us think of God as an after thought or only in time of need and despair. If we go back to basics, we will see Who was there at the very beginning. “Footprints in the Sand” is my favorite all-time poster for that very reason.


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