Obama Deserves Respect…Whether You Like It or Not!

Let me begin by saying this….I do not agree with the moral policies of the current Presidential and Congressional authorities.  However, I also believe that all of our leaders have been appointed by God.  I already hear the cries of anger…”How could you say that?! President Obama cares nothing about the people, only his pocket!”

With that I would like to ask a question…Did the disciples ever lead a revolt against their leaders after the resurrection?  Here’s another question…At what point did Jesus ever say, “Don’t listen to your leaders.”  NEVER!  Jesus never said to disobey the leaders of any country.  In fact, on one occasion, Jesus was asked a question with a specific sinful attitude in mind.

People came to him and showed Jesus a coin.  They asked, “Do we obey Caesar or God?”  Jesus took the coin and said, “Whose face is on it?”  They replied, “Caesar.”  Jesus said, “The render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”  This has to be one of the most powerful statements I have ever heard.  It is also one of the most convicting ones as well.

What did Jesus mean by saying this?  Was He simply talking about paying taxes or was there something greater going on here?  Obviously, Jesus was referencing taxes and money, but the greater principle here was this.  We are to obey and give to our worldly leaders what they deserve.  We are also to give God what He deserves.  So what do our leaders deserve?

Romans 13:1-2 says,”Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.  The authorities that exist have been established by God.  Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves.”

Did you see that?  This passage says that EVERYONE MUST SUBMIT.  Not certain people, but all of us.  Who are we to submit ourselves to?  The governing authorities.  So does this mean we are to humbly allow our leaders to make grave, sinful mistakes?  Yes.  It also means that we are to obey the rules of the land.  If we need to pay taxes, pay them. If we need to stop at stop signs, then stop.  All of the laws in our land have been written by man, but allowed by God.  The next portion of that verse says it all….”for there is no authority except that which God has established.”

God has allowed our leaders to be where they are to be.  They are called to govern us.  They are called to lead us.  Even if we don’t agree with all of their policies, we are to obey. This leads me to a very sensitive area.  CNN and FOX News have it all wrong.  They are completely one sided.  However, both sides bash those they don’t agree with.  Personally, I am tired of hearing about policies that they might not agree with and then state it as a personal attack on them.  This simply is not the case.

As our leaders have been called by God and He has established their authority, we must respect those over us, including President Obama.  If we do not, Romans 13 says, we will bring judgement against ourselves.  Why?  Think of it this way.  God established the authorities therefore if we disobey them, we disobey God.  When we disobey God, we bring judgement on ourselves due our sinful acts.  It’s that simple.  However, never forget the following…We also must obey God.

Remember Jesus also said, “Give to God what is God’s”.  God’s Word is the guide to life as we know it.  We are to obey the words written in order to understand and know the will of God in this world.  So, how do we rectify this most probable impossible situation?

If the government says, “You are no longer allowed to teach about Jesus”, we can disobey.  If the government says, “You are no longer to teach moral subjects because it might offend people”, we can disobey.  If the government says, “You have no choice but to work 50 hours per week”, we must obey.

The principle is simple.  If the government tells us not to share our beliefs, talk about Jesus, read His Word or pray, then we can disobey.  Why?  Because God desires us to spend time with Him, share His Word with others and care for those with prayer.  This does not mean we can march with hatred or write hate-filled things, just because we don’t agree with them.  Our job as Christians is to show society that we are different.  We are considered holy (set apart) by God.

The disciples continued to preach until death.  Jesus preached until death.  Never did any of them lead a march against abortion or homosexuality.  However, they spoke up in love and taught the Word of God.  They spoke about the sanctity of life with love.  They spoke about true marriage with love.  They spoke about all moral, social and economic issues with love.

We are to do the same.  We are to speak what God’s Word says but in love.  Whether we like it or not President Obama deserves respect, whether we like it or not.  God bless and encourage someone today.


4 thoughts on “Obama Deserves Respect…Whether You Like It or Not!

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  2. JD, sorry I cant get on board w/all u say. Should everyone have submitted to Hitler? U think God put Hitler on earth for all to submit, instead of the fact that Hitler simply lied & fooled enough lazy, irresponsible, Godless people that he was the answer to their “problems” so they would look to him instead of God & themselves for solutions? Too many submitting to false leaders is the problem. I dont pretend to know exactly what God intends for us in every situation as others do, but am fairly certain what u state regarding leaders isnt HIS intent.


    • No problem with disagreeing. I find that disagreeing can allow open discussion. I do think that God allowed Hitler to do the atrocities that he committed. Didn’t Pharaoh deceive and enslave Israel? Yes. But God told Moses that He chose to harden the heart of Pharaoh. Did God allow the leaders of the 1st Century to lead them to kill Christians? Yes. Unfortunately, when we look at leaders from the earthly, human perspective, we think that evil people have not been allowed by God to rule and reign. There will be a time in the future where a leader will hunt down and kill Christians once again. This future leader will start the process of the total end of times on earth. God has chosen to allow evil to destroy. Jesus gave up everything. His rights, His power, His authority just to obey what God the Father had told Jesus to do, die, to bring God and mankind into a relationship.

      I am glad that not everyone thinks alike. I am also happy that there are people, like yourself that are willing to disagree in a productive way. We don’t have to agree, but at least we can discuss and keep it positive. Thanks again for the response.


      • I also appreciate your reply. I’m on board w/what u said about God’s purpose for Jesus. I also agree w/u that God creates & allows whatever He wants to happen. But, I also dont doubt that God allows us some choice while on this earth, that an evil ruler may be His way of testing our faith, never desiring or expecting us to do anything other than turning away/getting rid of any evil influence. I view the availability for someone to get an abortion as a test also. One we have failed miserably, & most likely are paying dearly for, even here on earth. I took my daughters to see October Baby, inspired by Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor who speaks nationally & views her cerebal palsy as a result of that failed attempt as a gift from God. Hearing people like her speak is one of the few times I feel God is speaking to us in a way we can more easily comprehend. Link here for info re abortion survivors http://joseromia.tripod.com/survivors.html


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