Don’t Be an Ostrich, Be an Eagle

It was once widely thought that the ostrich would bury their heads in the sand when frightened because they cannot fly.  This belief was brought on by Pliny the Elder who wrote about an ostrich burying it’s head in a bush.  However, this was not true.  In fact ostriches are not timid creatures.  They will attack when they feel threatened.  Ostriches also have a ‘mean’ look about them when they are confronted or threatened.  In some ways, ostriches cannot be trusted.

Eagles, on the other hand, are birds of flight.  They soar high above the mountain tops, can see with their God-given vision.  Eagles have been known to see mice on the ground during a flight so high that cars appear to be the size of mice.  They place their eggs among the clefts of the rocks to protect them.  The baby eagles may not like where they are, but it is for their protection.  When a baby eagle needs to fly, the eagle takes their young, flies high above the mountain tops and just lets go.  If the mother eagle sees their young cannot fly yet, they swoop down, catch their young and try again another time.  The baby eagle is fearful but knows the mother eagle will not let them die.

The same can be held true of Jeremiah the prophet.  As I have been reading thorough this book of the Bible, I have noticed some interesting points, I never took notice of before.  In Chapter 38, Jeremiah had the job of bringing bad news to the king of Judah.  God told Jeremiah that Judah would be handed over to the king of Babylon.  The officials of the king who heard this immediately took Jeremiah and placed him in an empty, muddy cistern.

Do you think Jeremiah liked where he was at that time?  For me, I would have been so angry that screaming and cursing could not express my emotions toward those who did this to me.  Although there is an indication that Jeremiah didn’t like his situation, he also knew that God had allowed him to be placed their.

One of the officials told the king what had happened to Jeremiah and what a wicked act it was that the king ordered Jeremiah to be taken out of the cistern and placed under house arrest.

Later on, the king of Judah secretly asks Jeremiah to explain what God had told him.  As Jeremiah is counseling the king, he says, “They will not hand you over.  Obey the Lord by doing what I tell you.  Then it will go well with you, and your life will be spared.  But if you refuse to surrender, this is what the Lord has revealed to me: All the women left in the palace of the king of Judah will be brought out to the king of Babylon…”

The king of Judah was given a choice.  Obey God and live or disobey God and die.  By today’s standards it seems like a simple choice.  Most of us may even think we would choose to obey because we fear death.  Very few people would think they would choose death because of their disobedience.  However, later on, many of the officials that Jeremiah had spoken with decided to not listen.  They decided to bury their heads in the sand instead of soaring above with God.

Scripture says that when we are obeying God’s will for us, we will soar like eagles.  We will be able to see what we need, when we need it and not wonder Who is in control.  Our eyes will be opened to see what is happening around us and God will allow us to see our sustenance in ways we could never do on our own.

When we disobey God, we decided to bury our heads in the sand or attack because we feel threatened.  Jesus said, “You will be hated because of me.”  Those who don’t like what Scripture says have a tendency to lash out against those who believe.  They hate their sin being exposed for what it is.  How do I know this, because I get nauseous when my sin is exposed.  I physically and emotionally hurt when God reveals that sin in my life is stopping me from the next assignment He has for my life.  Hating what is true and right is the natural reaction because we are sinful human beings.

Our world is filled with people who need to hear about the love and mission of Jesus Christ.  They need to hear that Jesus willingly left heaven, had a real earthly life, was tortured and died a real death but also is really physically living today.  We have the authority, through Jesus Christ, to lead others to the Creator of all things.  We have the honor of bringing this message of hope, love and forgiveness to a sinful and dying world.

Gut check.  How are we doing with that?  Are we sharing the love of Christ in our words  and deeds?  Do we stop when someone is hurting or hungry and feed them both physically and spiritually?  Or do we think it is someone else’s job?

Someone once told me that if I didn’t even consider adopting a child, don’t even attempt to share the love of Jesus with them.  They refused to believe God loved them because of another child’s plight.  Although, they may have been mislead to some degree, there is a bit of truth within that statement.  People will only listen to the message of Christ, when they see the children of God doing what we have been called to do.  Are we feeding the hungry?  Are we taking care of the poor?  Are we consoling the widows and those who are hurting?

Until we decide to take our heads out of the sand, people won’t listen.  When we obey God and His commands to live like we preach, only then will we soar like eagles.  This week, let’s work on living a Godly life rather than just speaking about it.  I will ask myself this question, “What do I need to change in order to live like I preach?”  What will you do to change?  For me I will have to lessen my time on the computer and TV.  This way my mind is fresh and my eyes keen to see who needs help.  Only when we sacrifice something important to us, will we see what God has in store for our lives.

Share your stories with me of how God is working to change others through you.  Don’t bury your heads in the sand, soar like an eagle.  God bless and encourage someone today.


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