Entirely True or Partially Wrong…Hmmm….

Recently I heard of several people say, ‘How can you believe in the Bible?  It’s an ancient book that is not relevant for today.’  These thoughts were shared by “Christians” who made a conscience decision to only believe portions of the Bible.  So, my question is really simple…Is the Bible entirely true or partially wrong?

First, let’s look at it from a logical approach.  We know these facts:

  • Portions of the Bible are considered figurative speech
  • Portions of the Bible are considered literal speech
  • Many times Christ used stories to get a spiritual point across to His hearers
  • The Bible is comprised of the Old Testament and New Testament

If the Bible is entirely true, then the stories told must be true as well.  If they are only partially true, then they are also partially wrong.  If they are partially wrong, then how can the Bible be trusted.  However, if the Bible is entirely true, then how can you not trust it?

So if logic is all we had, then we would come to reason that if the Bible is partially wrong, which portions of Scripture are true and which one’s are false?  How would we be able to determine which portions are true and which one’s are false?  In addition, we must also ask, why doesn’t someone take the untrue portions of the Bible and remove them and only keep the true portions?  Finally, the question that would remain is how does the person who made this “new true” Bible, know the stories they chose are really true?

Now if your head isn’t spinning like mine is, here is an approach that I discovered (not necessarily taught) while studying the history of the Bible.

The Old Testament and New Testament combined show us the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.  Many times people say that the Old Testament is full of war stories, killings and murder.  That statement shows that they never really read the Bible for all it’s worth.  Many times, we see God pleading with Israel to stop what they are doing and follow Him, however, Israel decided to leave God.  We also see many times where God states that He will hold back His discipline if Israel repents and returns to God.  So if the Old Testament is just a series of war stories, then why do we see mercy, love and grace?

In addition, the Old Testament is a series of prophetic books that show the reason behind why Christ had to come to earth.  It tells of a Messiah rising out of Bethlehem, going into Egypt for hiding and coming out of Nazareth to save His people.  It also says that the Messiah would be hung on a tree.  Lastly, it tells us that even death and the grave could not hold this Messiah and would return one day to take His people with Him.

When we look at the New Testament, we see the fulfillment of these prophetic stories.  We see Jesus being born in Bethlehem, escaping to Egypt as a little boy and coming out of Nazareth.  We see that Jesus was crucified on wood from a tree and His Resurrection proved that death and the grave could not hold Him.  Jesus, himself stated that He would return to take His people with Him.

If the Bible is not totally true, then which parts of Christ’s life aren’t true?  If Christ’s life wasn’t true then did Jesus sin?  If Jesus sinned, then how could He be the sinless Messiah?  If He is a sinful man like you and I, then Christianity as we know it should cease to exist as it believes in a lie.  This thought process is simply illogical and incorrect.

When the decisions came for all 66 books to be combined into one larger book, it was done with prayer and fasting.  It wasn’t one persons decision, it was a council of prayer filled men who knew the Scripture, studied the Scripture and asked God for guidance as to which books to include.  This is why the agnostic books were not included.  The agnostic books books say that Jesus didn’t do what the rest of the other books say He did.  Therefore, the early fathers knew they had to be letters or books that were against what Christ taught.

You see, there were thousand of witnesses who saw Christ after His Resurrection.  These people told these stories, wrote them down and passed them from church to church in order to keep Christ’s words alive and well.  The most current documentation that was discovered has been dated around 70 A.D. The people of that day were eyewitnesses to Christ’s death and Ressurection.

To summarize (and not confuse), the Bible has to be true as all 66 books, spanning thousands of years work together to give us a picture of Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  We also know that if we use sheer logic then the view of belief is skewed.  The basis of belief needs to span a solid measuring factor.  If you believe in factual, historical evidences, then believing the entire Bible is true is a simple task.

Don’t trust instincts or random thoughts of logic.  Remember factual and historical evidences solidify the truthfulness of Scripture.

God Bless and encourage someone today.


One thought on “Entirely True or Partially Wrong…Hmmm….

  1. A little additive: These epistles in the New Testament were read in front of the early churches and kept, as instructed by Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:27. Also, Peter inferred that the apostles KNEW that they were writing Scripture in 2 Peter 3:16, when he lumps Paul’s letters with “other Scriptures”. The books of the Bible were chosen by apostolic authority, not the church, as Roman Catholics like to say.

    Also consider this: why in the world would God providentially have men write His inspired word over 1,500+ years just to have it distorted and destroyed to be rendered useless??? How stupid and incompetent would anyone really accept God to be??? The Bible MUST be true, it IS true, and if someone says it isn’t, they are being foolish!


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