Debating The Rights of Morals

Our current culture feels the need to debate the rights of moral issues.  Why is that?  Isn’t the economy more important than morals?  It appears that the issues of today are about morality and not the economy.

Instead of stating, what some would appear as negative and bashing, I will simply state the fact and then plead the case of what is being rejected in the United States.

Fact #1:  Homosexual Marriage is one of the most strongly debated and opinionated issues.

Fact #2:  Transgenders and Pedophiles are trying to fight for their rights.

Fact #3:  Christians have been asked to keep their mouths shut.

Fact #4:  Christians are being told not to share what their lives.

Fact #5:  Both homosexuality and Christianity are choices by individuals.  (THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN BY SCIENCE!)

Our current society has shown that Christianity is not only disliked but hated.  Many organizations are suing over the fact that Christians want to express who they are through their beliefs.  Recently, there was a story of a Christian school being asked to take down the Bible verses in their classroom and sign because it “might scare and intimidate” the children.

Let’s take a look at history regarding what frightens children.  First, children are frightened by TV and movies.  This is mainly because they cannot differentiate between the reality and fantasy.  Second, it is a well known fact that children fear divorce.  Too many children are permanently and negatively affected by divorce.  Third, children are frightened by child abuse.  Bible verses that say, “Jesus loves you” are clearly not frightening nor disturbing.

So why all the ruckus surrounding Christianity?   Jesus told His disciples “They will hate you because of me”.  He didn’t say, “Don’t worry, be happy”, nor did He state, “Life will be a bowl full of cherries”.  Jesus has warned us time and time again that this life will hate and rebel against Jesus and what He taught.

However, in the United States, we also have the right to stand up for our rights in a civil manner.  I BELIEVE IT IS TIME FOR CHRISTIANS TO STAND UP NOW!!!!  If we do not start, then we will stop having the same rights as others.

This country was founded upon the rights of all people.  We were given the right to worship when we wanted, where we wanted and without retribution from our government.  We were given the right to gather without governmental approval to pray and sing to our Lord.  Now these same rights are in extreme jeopardy.

The public is so enamored with other “so-called rights issues” that they forget Christians founded this great nation.  They forgot that it was Christians that set up the Red Cross.  Christians who started the universities.  Christians to start the orphanages.  Christians who began to stand with African-Americans for their rights as human beings.

The reason for such a public debate regarding homosexual marriage is because they decided that marriage was their right.  When they started this public debate, they ensured that the Biblical view of marriage was attacked in a very negative way.  Many times, we heard “Christians are not being open minded” and “Christians are the one’s who are risking the freedoms in this country”.  These are simply lies.

If Christians weren’t open minded, then why would we help those who cannot choose the color of their skin.  We have helped those who do not have parents and those who are hurting due to natural disasters.  However, as it has been proven scientifically that homosexuals make a conscience choice to live that way and it is against what the Bible says, then Christians are being closed minded????  This is the debacle of the twisted mind of individuals who take truth and make them lies.

Those who are Christians have chosen to be Christians, just as homosexuals have chosen to live that way.  We have chosen to side with the Creator of the Universe (both seen and unseen) and follow Him.  Christians are allowed rights as well.  Christians should not be told to do things that are outside what they know to be true.

Christians are told to share the Gospel in love.  Christians are told that God comes first.  Christians are told to live in such a way that Christ is seen.  Christians have the right to read the Bible where they want.  Christians have the right to pray where they want.  Christians have the right to discuss and debate moral issues with whomever and whenever they choose.  The same universities that Christians started are the ones that are kicking Christians out of their own clubs and telling them they cannot choose leaders based on Christian beliefs.

This is the twisted tongue of our current world.  Christians have allowed this to happen for far too long.  It is time to start protesting in a public way regarding the simple rights of prayer and Bible reading.  Tell your children to pray in school before a meal.  Bring your Bibles to work and read them on your lunch break.  Take time to go to a park and pray for mankind to come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Start writing your politicians, asking them to stand up for the rights of Christians.

Our rights are not just being taken away, they are being destroyed.  Even though we will be hated by all society, we still have the right to stand up for what we know are our American rights.  I will not allow those who are close minded about Christianity to control me or my family.  We will continue to stand in the gap and say, “We may be beaten and hated, but we will not be silent.  Jesus is still Lord!”

God bless, encourage someone and stand up today!!!!


One thought on “Debating The Rights of Morals

  1. Welcome to the fray. I have been standing for the Lord for years. I have had Christians stop supporting me for it. Christians. God sees all, I have none to fear! God bless and spread the truth and don’t forget the good news also!


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