The Ever Changing World…(and blog)

Recently, I had “tweeted” that a new series was about to begin.  With those changes, I am also changing the format a bit as well.

As you may have seen, the previous blogs dealt not just with biblical aspects but political ones as well.  Although I still hold on closely to what I write, I also realize there is a need for other subjects as well.

You may have noticed that the last story I shared, was a story of a friend of mine who has dealt with many tribulations and trials.  She has gone through a lot, yet she still keeps a huge smile on her face.  She has been an inspiration to me and has challenged me to think more deeply about my life.

What is funny about this is that she attends the Sunday Bible class that I teach at our church.  She has taught me that even the teacher can be taught by his/her students.  Her life is an example of how God uses different gifts, with different individuals for the one purpose He has — to grow His church.

With all that in mind, in a few days, I will begin to write again.  However, I will no longer deal with political subjects as the primary purpose of this blog.  I will go back to the original intention I had when I began almost a year ago…to encourage and love others as Christ sees them.

These changes will be a bit rough for me as I feel comfortable with certain subjects, however, being comfortable is not what God intended me to do.  He wants all of us to stretch ourselves beyond what we think we can do and trust Him for what only He can do.

So in an effort to stretch myself a bit, I will start bringing not only inspirational stories of changing lives, but also start by looking at Scripture for stories that positively influence people’s lives.  The stories I share, may sound fictional, but they are based on the true stories the Bible has given to us.

This change will also include others stories of hope, love and change.  I want to include these types of stories as they appear to be the one’s people most enjoy looking at.

In this light, please read, “Grace’s Journey” and “From the Gates of Hell”.  Both of these stories will show you how God can change a life, even if we have tried to change and fail.  This life is not about us but about how God can change a life forever.

I’ll see you in a few days.  God Bless and encourage someone today.


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