The Northern Frontier Experience (Part 1)

One winter day, a young boy looks out his window.  He sees freshly laid snow on the pavement.  The snow appears to be piling up by the second.  The wind blows with a howl that is creepy and cold.  He dreams of a place where there is no snow.  A place where he can swim and have fun.  He suddenly realizes that he wants to go to camp next summer.

He envisions times of making friends, having fun, playing games and swimming in a lake.  In one of his dreams, he is on a short hike and notices every aspect of nature’s beauty.  The trees covering the ground, water running down a stream, birds making nests in the rocks next to a waterfall.

He asks his parents to go to “sleep away” camp in the woods.  Due to his excitement and glowing enthusiasm, his parents agree to start the search for a reputable camp.  Over the course of the next few weeks, his parents come across many different camps.  All say they have fun and games.  All say that they have swimming.  All say that he will make friends.  Suddenly, a saying of one of those camps hits him with a force that he cannot get his eyes off of it.  The saying said:

“Because boys will be boys”.

However, the young boy notices that the last word “boys” is crossed out and the word “men” is directly above it.  “What does that mean?, the boy asks his father.  His father says, “Because boys will be men.”  The name of the camp says, “Northern Frontier Camp”.  Curious about the saying, the father turns to the website

There he finds out that this camp is a Christian camp that purposefully goes out of the way to teach boys to become men.  Not the men that society thinks of, but a man who is respectful, loving and seeks out God in their lives.  The father discovers that they do this with personal relationships with the counselors.  Each cabin has two (2) counselors that take a genuine interest in each boys life.  They want to help them with their problems and share with them the experience of a lifetime.

The father then reads about a Father and Son weekend.  “Dad, can we do that?  Can we go to the father’s and son’s weekend?”  Reluctantly, the father agrees.  They fill out and send in the necessary paperwork and fees.  Both of them await anxiously for the departure day and the first day of camp.

Months go by, when without warning, the dad tells his son, “Tomorrow we are going to camp!”  The boy filled with excitement, sleeps in short naps and turning sleep.  Without telling his son, the father also cannot sleep.  Partially for excitement, partially for concern.  Is this a camp for both of them?  Is this the place they were to choose?  Will the advertising of the camp let them down?

Early the next morning, they leave and travel for what feels like a day or two.  The ultimate kid question, “Are we there yet?” comes from the son’s mouth over and over again.  Suddenly, the GPS says, “Destination on the right”.  Could this be right?  Where is the entrance to the camp?

Almost immediately, the son cries out, “Dad, there is the sign!”  The father sees the sign and wonders where the entrance really is.  A young man with a clipboard comes over to the car and says, “Welcome to Northern Frontier.”  He instructs you to follow the other cars and trucks and says that it is about 3 miles into the woods.

The adventure begins.  Part 2 is tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


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