The Northern Frontier Experience (Part 2)

As they followed the caravan of vehicles, the road was not as the dad had hoped it would be.  In the back, his son was laughing, laughing more than he ever imagined.  He hadn’t heard this kind of laughter in such a long time.  Although he enjoyed the laughter, he realized that the road was more important.

Up and down they drove.  Driving at no more than 10 mph, the car was tossed back and forth like a ship on rough seas.  Had he been wrong?  Had the brochure let him down?  This was not what he imagined.  He imagined a resort like complex that had the hint of wilderness.  Concentrating as hard as he could, he focused on the car ahead of him as it also weaved and bobbed.

After about a half hour, he thought to himself, “Where in the world are we?  What have we gotten into?”  It was then that he realized he and the rest of the caravan were on the right track.  He slowly passed a sign that read, “You’re not lost.  You’re almost there.”  That put him at ease for a moment.

Suddenly, the road seemed to get better.  The car was no longer doing the oceanic style rocking it had done before.  As they turned the corner, there seemed to be an opening.  To his right were boys playing.  To his right, trees.  However, straight ahead was another young man with a clipboard.  As he approached, the dad opened the car window and asked, “Is this Northern Frontier?”

The young man smiled and said, “Yes it is.  What is your name please?”

The dad told the young man his name.  The young man responded, “Sir, you and your son are in Cabin 1.  Please drop off your belongings at the mat to your right and park your car at the other end of the camp.  If you don’t know where that is, just make a left and keep on going.”

“Oh no”, the dad thought, “Another road trip.”  Systematically, the dad and his son, placed all their belongings on the blue mat in the small open field.  The dad had remembered the last time this occurred.  It was on an overseas business trip.  When he had arrived, he had asked for the next bus.  The person told him to place his belongings to the right and go with them.  When he returned, his belongings were gone.  Was this going to happen again and in the middle of the woods?

The dad and son complied and headed down to park the car.  After parking the car in the small lot at the other end of the camp, the dad and son walked back to where their belongings were.  The son smiled, and tried to talk with his dad, but his dad was enamored with the belongings they left on the blue mat.

Up and down small hills they walked.  The son was taken back by the beauty of the place, while the dad concentrated on the task at hand.  As they walked passed the big building in the center of the camp, the dad noticed one thing.  All of their belongings were exactly where they left them.  No tampering.  Nothing stolen.  This place was obviously different than what he had experienced before.

They took all of what they unloaded and proceeded to bring it to Cabin 1.  To the dad’s amazement, a tall, slim young man offered to help carry the sleeping bags or luggage.  Reluctantly, the dad said, yes and the young man lifted a couple of items and showed them to Cabin 1.

When they entered Cabin 1, the young man said, “Welcome to Northern Frontier.  My name is Jeff.  After you settle in, go to the office next to the cafeteria.  The office is next to the big building in the center of camp.”  With that, the young man turned and just walked away.  No desire for a tip.  Just a genuine young man that had a heart of gold.

As the dad and son unpacked their stuff, the dad was confounded by the images in his head.  Young men who showed genuine interest.  Young men who didn’t steal or lie.  Young men who showed that they cared about him and his son.  Curious, the dad and son decided this may be the best place they could have chosen.

However, what else did the camp have in store for them?  That will be tomorrow’s tale….


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