What is Your Greatest Success?

From the new series “What is your greatest life?”

J.D. Clemente

I recently asked this question to my friends and family.  The answers were what you would typically think should be our success:

  • “Raising my four wonderful children who I love with all my heart”
  • “Daughter, Son, 2 Grand Children and 40 years of marriage.”
  • “My greatest success is the fruition of Gods plans for me that I faithfully followed through with, even when I wanted to stray and do things my own way!”
  • “I think being honest with my parents tops making it through my calc homework.”
  • “Having been blessed with a job that allowed me to clothe my family, feed my family and keep a roof over their heads!”
  • “My daughter a teenager, is a very good judge of character. She knows which peers are not good examples to hang out with.

I also had an opportunity to talk with a long time friend who was very successful in…

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