The State of our Union

Every year, in the United States, our President offers the citizens an overview of the current state of our country.  It is called, “The State of the Union Address”.  During the President’s press conference, he offers information on our economic, educational and moral status with future action plans for our country.  The President offers up his confirmation about where we are and where we are going.  His positive or negative expressions and phrases give us a glimpse into the changes which he feels are necessary to progress into our positive future.  Typically, his message is one of hope and calls out the dismay of those who oppose us.  Despite the pomp and circumstance, the state of our union is far from where it was at our founding and light years away from where it needs to be.  We all know this, but do we know why?

When we look at our current state, we notice a few things:

  1. Actions and lifestyles once not acceptable in society are now publicly acceptable.
  2. Hypersensitivity to one’s feelings has increased exponentially.
  3. Opinions and thought processes are only correct if you agree with the opposing views.
  4. Facts have become farce and farce has become fact.
  5. A person’s worth is only valued by their social media status rather than by their intellect.

This list is not conclusive, it is just the obvious.  We can see the fruit of our choices in these areas.  We can see that the harvest of our thoughts and actions have produced, in us, an innate sense of insecurity and confusion.  Our society has gone from an educated euphoria to an uneducated disaster.  We value education, only when it agrees with our point of views.  Our compass of morality has been unhinged and is circling aimlessly to almost every theology and belief we hear.  We have become the adherer of wind, and go in the direction of dust, floating in our world with the hope that one day the breath of one person will direct and guide us to a life of success.  Our lives have become nothing more than a moment in time without an ultimate goal or standard.  We measure our lives by our success on social media rather than our accomplishments with our children.  This can be proven by our choices for the next President of the United States.

A couple of days ago, we witnessed history.  The number of viewers to the first Presidential debate exceeded any past debate ever watched by the public, almost matching the Super Bowl.  However, this debate shows us one very important fact…who our next President is, is a direct result of our moral inclination.  On one side, we have someone who has acknowledged mishap handling of secure documents (a crime for most of us) and known for changing her story over and over again.  On the other side, we have an egomaniac who has duped Americans with a cry for change, without any regard for professionalism or filtration.  Both candidates have also expressed their Christianity but have exhibited disregard for the very Person who they say they believe in.  In both cases, integrity is at an all-time low, division is at an all-time high and hatred is growing steadily toward people groups that believe and know (from historical documentation by our founders) that our inalienable rights are from an eternal, living God who requires us to live according to His moral standards.

I recently saw an advertisement for a person running for a government office representing New Jersey.  The ad stated that this individual was a racist because of his views on marriage.  As this person did not believe main stream media, he was labeled as someone who hates those who oppose traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  This very assumption caused my blood pressure to rise due to the frustration of what a racist is compared to one who believes a theology.

Now before you place judgment on what I am about to say, know this about me.  Once a month, I assist a pre-dominantly African-American church by preaching the Gospel.  We do not look at the color of our skin, but rather at our stance with God.  To be a racist, you have to proclaim that your “race”, aka skin color or culture, is superior to another.  You have to think and act that who you are is superior to everyone else.  This was the predominate proclamation of Adolf Hitler.  According to Adolf Hitler, only blonde hair and blue eye people, who were German, were the only ones worth anything.  He stated this while having brown hair.  His hypocrisy was outweighed by his ignorance and stupidity.

Today, we have individuals who have overthrown the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  They have enacted a proclamation that divides rather than unites.  From both sides we see the hatred growing causing division in our ranks.  We see riots and looting rather than peaceful demonstration.  We observe young men showing stupidity by taking pictures of their illegal weapons and posting them on the eternal database of social media.  Our culture has become so divided and so obsessed with getting our own way, that we have forgotten the proclamation of Jesus Christ:

“Go therefore, into all the world, making disciples from all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded them.”

I have watched Christians resolve themselves to their right of speech over their command from their Savior.  They have proclaimed hatred toward the establishment rather than shout out the Gospel in love.  We are not “living the life” intended by God as represented in Ephesians and Colossians but are killing our souls for the single purpose of getting our way.  We have forgotten that our actions as individuals which fuel the fire of hatred also creates inappropriate views of the entire church.  We need to remember that we are one body, by one Christ for one purpose, to lead others to the Savior, who loves them, even though they sin.

The only way our country will ever be saved, is by the blood of Jesus Christ washing over us.  We cannot and will not proceed with life, until we turn our hearts to Him in repentance.  However, this will not happen unless the Church turns from its wicked ways and repents of their sin, putting their earthly American rights over the responsibility of what God commanded us to do.

Recently, I have been reading through 1 Kings and 2 Kings.  As I read this history of Israel and Judah, I noticed one main idea, when Israel and Judah forsook all the God commanded turmoil, division and hatred grew between them.  When they walked with God, peace and prosperity was at their doorstep.

At the same time, I also recognize the words of my Savior when he stated to His disciples, “They will hate you because of me.”  We, the Church, should not be hated because of our stance in the political world or in the actions of a sinful group, but instead, we need to be hated because of our love for people and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When we embrace God and what He has commanded us to do, we will see peace and prosperity in our churches.  We will see others wanting to know more about Christ.  At the same time, as we minister to the hurting, the rest of the world will see this and become jealous of us, therefore hating us because of Christ.  Nowhere in Scripture does it read, “They will hate you because you stand up for a particular view on marriage or theology.”  It clearly reads, “They will hate you because of Me.”

We are to be one body, working toward a single goal given to us the Head, Jesus Christ.  If Jesus Christ is the Head, then it is He who thinks, He who see, He who hears, He who speaks.  We are simply part of His body.  Our opinions don’t count.  Our anger is irrelevant.  Our actions should speak His words and represent His thoughts, not our own.  When we put our American rights over our spiritual responsibility, it is called idolatry.  We have succumb to the same as Israel and Judah, idolizing our rights over our responsibility.  We need to wake up and repent and go back to God in humble tears asking Him to heal us.

“If my people call on My name and repent, I will heal them.”  This was a promise to Israel.  This is also a promise to us, the Church.  To save our country, we as one body, must repent and make God the only priority in our lives.  He is first.  All others come after.  We must never forget that Christ came to seek and save those that are lost.  He didn’t come to view His opinion.  He came to die.  He came to allow Himself to be sacrificed for us.  It is only because of Him that we are saved.

If we want our country to be saved and hold off judgment, we must, I plead with everyone, must repent.  Then and only then can we begin the process of healing to move forward in “living a life worthy of our calling” through Jesus Christ.  Only when we repent, as a Church, will we see the state of our union go toward morality and unity.  Until we repent, only confusion, division and hatred will increase.  Let’s not let this happen.  Let’s all repent and move toward the cross where our salvation first began.

God bless and encourage someone today.


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