Small things speak

Have you ever had one of those days, where someone gives you something small and yet it has a profound effect on your life?

Today, a friend of mine gave me a kaleidoscope.  At first, you may say, that’s a child’s toy, but for me the impact of that gift gave me profound insight into how God works in our lives daily.

I want you to think of this for a moment.  How does your faith affect you?  Does it make you ponder the works of God in nature?  Does your faith move you to tell others about Christ?  Does it allow you to see the wonders of God’s love?  How does your faith affect you?

A kaleidoscope has three (3) elements which make it work.  The first is the canister, the outer shell of the kaleidoscope.  It protects the contents contained within.  It moves when the operator turns it.  It has a peep hole which allows the onlooker to see the wonders and beauty within.  Without the canister, the inner contents would have no order, no security, which in return would have no beauty to show.

The canister of our faith, is the Word of God.  The Word of God has order, it contains security and most of all, it contains the inner beauty that God wants to reveal to us.  As we open the Word of God, we allow God to speak through the words to reveal His Son, His work and our part in that work.  We discover that life is good, that God is good and that He desires all to come to know Him through Jesus Christ.

The second element in the kaleidoscope is the prism.  If you remember from elementary school, when light enters a prism, the prism then reveals what is contained within the light.  It reveals both what we can see and what we cannot see.  From infra-red to ultra-voilet and to the visible colors of RGBIV, the prism reveals the inner most parts of the light.  Without the prism, we would be simply blinded by the light as we looked through the canister.  We would not see the beauty and discover the wonder of the light itself.

The prism of our faith is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit shows us the inner most parts of God’s will for our lives.  He breaks down the complex understanding of who God is and reveals the beauty and wonder of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  He encourages us, disciplines us and gives us the words we need to speak.  He is the guarantee of our salvation in Christ Jesus and is the reminder of Christ’s teachings.  He explains the Word of God to us so that we can understand how we ought to live.

Without the Holy Spirit, we would continue to wonder what beauty is contained within the Word of God.  Without Him, we would be blinded by the outpouring of God’s love on this earth and could not understand the message of God.  It is only by the working of the Holy Spirit that we understand the Word of God.

The third element in a kaleidoscope is the colorful beads.  Each bead has its own individual beauty, however each bead also reflects the light do display its beauty.  Each bead is unique, having its own personality, its own lesson.  But together, each individual bead also makes up the beauty we see in the kaleidoscope.  Each bead works together to reveal beauty and wonder as a whole.

The basic and essential doctrines we hold to are like the beads of a kaleidoscope.  Each doctrine contains its own beauty, but together they work to show us who God is, how God works and what God expects from us.  If you remove a bead or two from the kaleidoscope, you remove the ability for it to display its total beauty.  If you remove a foundational doctrine from your life, you remove the ability for the Word of God to display what God desires you to see.  You distort the true message of God and substitute it for a watered down Gospel.

Think of it this way, in order to remove any beads from the kaleidoscope, you must first break its seal, rip the cylinder apart, remove the prism and then you can remove the beads.  If you remove one of the basic and essential doctrines of Christianity, you have to rip out the portions you don’t like, place the Holy Spirit to the side and then you can create the doctrine you desire.  From there all heresy and lies are born.  Many have tried this only to expose their own evil desires.

However, the only way the kaleidoscope works, is when the light enters into it and the user looks in.  The user must hold the kaleidoscope and point it towards the light, then look into it and move it in order to see its beauty and wonder.  In the same way, the only way we can see who God is, what He desires for us and His plan is to hold it up to the light of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ shines brightly through the Word of God.  We, the user, then read it, study it, pray for wisdom and knowledge through it.  As we do this, the Holy Spirit, then reveals the beauty which Jesus Christ intended us to see.  We see His love and compassion towards us.  We see His love and compassion for others.  It is only because of the light that the kaleidoscope works.  It is only because of Jesus Christ that we see the Word of God from His perspective.

The kaleidoscope may only be a child’s toy, but even in the simplest things, can we see who God is, how He works and what He desires for us.  Look at the simple things in life and ponder the great and mighty works of God.  You might be surprised at the beauty in the simple things.  And once you see the beauty, pass it along to someone who needs to see God’s beautiful message of salvation, like my friend shared the kaleidoscope with me.  If he hadn’t, I would have never seen the profound message in simplicity.

God bless and encourage someone today.