Starting Out Life Right

As I sit here and write this post, I remember when I was younger.  When I thought the world was at my fingertips.  How the dreams and goals I had were reachable, not matter how exotic they had become.  Where was I going to live?  Who was I going to marry?  What kind of career was I going to have?

Just like most young adults, I figured that I would move out of New York, settle down in the countryside and start the most exotic career I could find.  I was going to conquer the world, make a ton of money and one day marry the most beautiful woman in the world.  Driving the most exotic of cars and lots of them were just the tip of the iceberg of the dreams and goals that I had.  But then, reality hit and I didn’t know what to do.

When I was 18, I had no clue as to what I wanted to do with my life.  By the time I was 20, I had met a girl, who I didn’t want to go out with and neither she with me.  However, both of us decided (she was convinced by her mom) to go out one time.  As it turned out, I had fun being with her.  It was then I realized that I had to do something quick.  I had to figure out how to start off this life and become who I was meant to be.

As life would have it, a year after we were going out, I had an “accident”.  It wasn’t really an “accident” but an assault.  In the middle of the night, someone was trying to steal my car, I, in a confused state, ran out to stop the individuals and ended up being hit over the head with a hammer.  This was one of God’s awakenings in my life.

As I was in the ambulance, I came back to consciousness and cried out to God for help.  Immediately, I could feel the presence of Christ with me and my body responded accordingly, peace and calm.  While I waited to go into emergency surgery, my father was crying over me and I responded in a way that can only be explained as “God given”.

My father was leaning over me, I told him, “If God could forgive me then I must forgive those who did this to me.”  As I lay there, I wondered if I was just crazy or if this was even real.  I knew that God had forgiven me for my sins and still does, so why couldn’t he forgive those who attacked me as well.

During that tumultuous time, I was also going to school to start my long lasting, money making career.  After some time, I graduated from school and started my quest of riches and fame.  Unfortunately, the only job I could find was to be a copier technician.  I figured that I would try it out for a three years and then move on to create the wealth that I felt I deserved.

Today, I am married to the most beautiful of women, the girl I had met when I was 20, live in the same area I grew up in and am still involved in fixing copy machines and supporting those in the field.  Did my dreams come true?  Was I successful in discovering how to make the most money in the shortest period of time?

Instead of answering those questions subjectively, let’s take an objective approach.  First, ask yourself this question, “What is the definition of success?”  Well, let me help you out….

Success – Favorable or desired outcome

Did I reach my goal of making a whole lot of money?  No, but what was at the core of that?  Let me suggest that pride and greed was at the core of my initial desires.  Therefore, sin was the core of my earlier drive.  However, no matter how sin was involved in my starting out life, God intervened and has done some miraculous things.

I have a good career that pays the bills and takes care of my family’s needs.  My wife is exactly, who I needed in my life.  My kids are healthy and we are able to live a pretty good lifestyle even though my wife has a “stay at home” career.

Early on, I thought one thing about life, but now understand something else.  Life is not about how much money you make or where you live.  It is about how God works in your life in order to accomplish what He wants in this world.  When we are open to what He wants to do, the dreams and goals we may have, will be placed into the light, purified and then given to us and fulfilled how God wants them to be fulfilled.

This doesn’t mean that we will become rich (as the rest of the world thinks) or famous, but it does mean that our lives will be filled with joy and be fulfilled.  Think of it this way.  If you are a child of God, who lives for Jesus, you are a child of the King.  You are considered a prince or princess.  You have an audience with the Creator of the entire universe.  He loves you so much that one day all that is His will one day be yours.  He will be our God and we will be His people.

I may not have started out this life the way I should have, but I have learned that I can finish stronger than I could have ever imagined.  Over the next number of blogs, we will be discovering how others started out life and where they ended up.  In the meantime, ask God to reveal to you His path for your life.  This way, even if you don’t start off life right at first, you can end it right on track.  Take time to thank God and seek His face for your life today.

God bless and encourage someone today.