God’s Direction – 1st Place!

Most of us desire to know God’s direction for our lives.  We want to know, what, how and where to do the will of God.  In our prayers, we ask God to open the doors of opportunity and close the doors He does not desire for us.  When we read Scripture, we long to hear from God to determine the exact direction He desires for us.  However, when we do not hear or see the direction we think God has for us, how do we react?  Do we get frustrated and stop praying?  Do we get angry at God and “take some time off” from our relationship with Him?  Or do we stop and ask ourselves, why is it that God isn’t speaking?  Is there something in our lives that He wants us to focus on before giving us the direction we long for?

Thousands of years ago, Israel had been taken captive by Babylon.  God had ordained this as Israel was living in sin.  After some time, Persia then overtook Babylon and took the Israelites captive.  During that time, Nehemiah (the Israelite cup bearer to the king – and prophet) saw Jerusalem in shambles.  He prays to God about this and God moves the heart of the king so that Nehemiah can go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

During the process of rebuilding, there were many who opposed the Israelites from rebuilding the walls.  God continued to move the heart of the king and under Nehemiah’s direction, the walls were built and completed.  Then more opposition came.  And this is where Haggai, the prophet, comes in.

Haggai was given the task, by God, to motivate the Israelites into working on the temple.  The Israelites were scared at first and then became comfortable with their surroundings.  Over time, they saw some success and began building and taking care of their homes.  Yet, even as they worked on their own homes, the temple was still in shambles.

This is what the Lord Almighty says: “These people say, ‘The time has not yet come to rebuild the Lord’s house.’  Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?” – Haggai 1:2-4

Many times, as new believers, we are excited to be in this new relationship with our Creator.  We confess our sins, read the Scripture – looking for His direction and we spend time in prayer (even if we don’t understand how to pray, we still spend the time trying).  As time goes on, we see the successes of focusing our attention on our relationship with our Creator.  Maybe, you received an unexpected raise or a new job (that you were praying for) came your way.  You begin to see how God operates and the rewards you get for being obedient to Him.  But then…. you get comfortable.  Without realizing it, your prayer life begins to wane.  Reading Scripture becomes more of a chore than of a pleasure and you become very comfortable right where you are.  This is where the problem begins.

You notice that life isn’t all that exciting anymore.  Yeah you’re a Christian, but so what.  You go to church once a week and pick up your Bible on occasion.  You pray at meals or when you have a problem, but other than that, your prayer life is eh.  Suddenly, one day, you begin to notice that the job God had provided to you no longer seems to be that exciting anymore.  It’s okay, becomes the thought process for everyday living.  So what happened?  Why has life become so boring, so mundane?  Simply put, it is because we forgot about our relationship with God.

The Israelites were getting comfortable.  But they also wondered why things weren’t going the way they thought it would or should.  Have you ever worked so hard, yet you feel like the results are just mediocre?  You work and work and work, and in some cases in ministry, only to never be satisfied or see the fruit of your labor?  You read and pray for months only to never be satisfied with what you are reading or hearing?  This is what the Israelites were doing.

Now this is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways.  You have planted much, but harvested little.  You eat, but never have enough.  You drink, but never have your fill.  You put on clothes, but are not warm.  You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.” – Haggai 1:5-6

Because Israel had not put God first, God allowed them to never be fully satisfied.  Have you ever felt, you are never satisfied?  I know I have.  And as a child of God, us never being satisfied should be warning sign to us.  Not being satisfied means we have placed God second and other things first.  We have allowed the cares of this world to supersede that which God commanded… “I am the Lord your God.  You shall have no other gods before me.”  In essence, we place an idol where God should be.

When we place God second, it is not to say we don’t believe in Him, but we say through our actions, we can do better.  We tell the Creator of everything that we know more and can handle whatever it is we are going through.  Let me encourage you today by saying, none of us have a handle on our lives.  None of us really understand what we go through and why we go through it.  Our minds are great at lying to us, convincing us that we do not need anyone.  When we place God second, we shouldn’t wonder why life isn’t going well.

Placing God first in everything isn’t easy.  We have a tendency to work very hard for little reward.  But when we place God first, we still work hard but God gives the increase.  We plant the seed of His Salvation into the lives of others by loving them and telling them about Jesus Christ.  We water the seed of His Salvation when we go through the hardships with others, praying for them when they cannot.  But we cannot harvest what is not there.  Only God gives the increase.  Only God makes His Seed into a living plant.  Only God can grow the fruit.  We benefit from the harvest, but God does most of the work.

Unfortunately, we have a desire to try and force the fruit to grow.  We water more.  We add fertilizer over and over again.  We place lamps around the plant on the cloudy days.  We work and work and work, only to find ourselves exhausted and dissatisfied.  We then blame God, others and even ourselves when things don’t go the way we desire.

So how do we get out from underneath this pitfall?  How do we place God first?

Well that’s for next time.  Until then, God bless and encourage someone today.

The Beautiful Comfort

We all know and/or love people who have been deathly sick.  You watch the pain and suffering.  Maybe it was the loss of one’s mind due to Alzheimer’s.  Maybe it was the pain of your loved one who suffers with cancer.  What do we do?  What can we say?  You long to comfort them, but it doesn’t appear to ease them.  You go home and cry your eyes out with pains that you never felt before.  Your chest hurts, your breath leaves like a free fall.  How do you get through this?

You look up toward the clear blue sky and cry out, “Why, Lord, why?  Why do they have to suffer so much?  It’s killing me!”  You cry and wait.  You cry and wait some more.  The bright, blue sky never changes.  The sun still shines.  The clouds still appear like pillows.  No answer.  You cry out, “Lord, don’t you love me?  Why don’t you answer?”  Nothing happens.  The birds continue to chirp, the cars still pass by.  Nothing.

This picture will affect every human being some time in their life.  However, during this time, we have a beautiful comfort that waits us.

Just before Jesus was going to be tortured and killed, He sits with the disciples for a very special intimate conversation.  It was evening.  Dinner was being served.  Just before everyone was about to eat, Jesus takes off his outer clothing, grabs a basin of water and starts to wash His disciples feet.  When Jesus came to Peter, He attempted to wash Peter’s feet when Peter resisted.

Peter thought he had a good reason.  Peter had experienced walking on the water, the calm of the sea after Jesus spoke to it.  He knew that Jesus was perfect in every way.  So Peter resisted Jesus’ washing everyone’s feet without understanding what was happening.  Once Peter thought he understood, he asked Jesus to wash his entire body.  Jesus loving responded, “You already had a bath.  Your feet are the only thing that needs to be washed.”

This picture was a beautiful comfort.  Jesus was saying that Peter’s sins were already atoned for.  However, due to Peter’s daily sin, Jesus wanted to wash that dirt away also.  Jesus wanted Peter to be complete.

After washing the disciples feet, Jesus tells them about how Judas was going to betray him.  It was then, Peter responded, “Never.  I will never deny you.”  Again, Peter was zealous but didn’t think.  Jesus told Peter that he would deny Christ three times.

Immediately, Jesus says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God, trust in me also.” (John 14:1 – NIV 1984)  WHAT A STATEMENT!  Jesus was comforting his disciples despite the bad news.  Jesus was terminally ill.  Yet, Jesus comforted those around Him.  He then explains that there are many rooms in heaven that He would prepare for us.  Eventually, we would be with Him.

Jesus then says, “You know the way.”  Thomas says the most logical thing, “If we knew the way, wouldn’t we be going with you?  (I mean DUH!)”  Jesus once again gives a beautiful comfort.  He says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

There was no mystery.  There was no hidden secrets.  Just a beautiful comfort.

When we go through the most painful trials, suffering, crying.  Jesus is there comforting us.  He is there hugging us with the most loving heavenly hug.  Someone once asked me, “Do you know why the earth became dark the day Jesus died?”  I said, “No. Please explain it to me.”  This man responded, “It’s not completely biblical, but I believe that God, the Father, was crying so much and knew his people were hurting with Him, so He wrapped His loving arms around the entire world so tightly, no light could enter.”

As I have thought about that, there was one portion that wasn’t explained but I realized.  The same time there was darkness, there was also an earthquake which ripped the temple veil in two.  I think that God was crying so hard and hugging the earth so deeply that the earth responded by shaking.  God then ripped the veil in two with His own hands to show us how much He longed for a relationship with us.  God was giving us His beautiful comfort.

If you don’t know who Jesus is and want to experience His joy, there is a simple thing you can do.  Stop what you are doing right now, look up toward heaven and say, “God, I know beyond any shadow of doubt you exist.  I know that you long for a relationship with me, but I am sinful.  I don’t deserve your love.  I believe that Jesus died for me, that He rose again and will come back for us.  Although I don’t deserve Your love, You gave it freely through the work of Jesus on the cross.  Please come into my life and change me for Your Kingdom.”

If you said that there is a party in heaven because of you.  People are celebrating the fact that you are family.  You have now entered a relationship with God.  If you said this and want to know the next steps, email me @ jdcblogger@gmail.com.  I would be more than happy to help you with the next steps.

If you have a relationship with Jesus and it has gone dry, may this be the day you cry out to God and ask for forgiveness and let Jesus wash your feet.  Jesus wants to comfort you with the most beautiful comfort.  Let this day be the day you can say, “I will stand for the Kingdom.  I will seek God daily.”

No matter where you are, God wants to comfort you with His beautiful comfort.  God bless and encourage someone today.