A Letter to My Children

My dearest child,

I love you.  That is the first thing I want you to know.  I love you.

My love for you cannot be expressed in words or pictures.  It cannot be explained by the philosopher.  It cannot be understood by the educated.  I can only be realized by actions.

The actions I have taken at times have been extreme and misunderstood.  I have been falsely accused of things that no person could ever imagine.  My accusers have painted my actions with the dirtiest of brushes and made me appear as vile and evil.  No matter how hard I have tried to explain my actions, they do not want to hear.

Although my enemies have attacked me, my love for you never wanes.  You are my child, my offspring.  The fact that you exist brings joy to my heart and peace to my mind.  Nothing can change that.  You are my child and always will be.

In recent days, I have been watching the news.  I have seen the hypocrisy and confusion of this past election.  I have watched as many have marched in protest against the results.  I have read the evil and disgusting posts on social media.  Hopefully, you have not succumb to the rhetoric now being spread by those who want to do you harm because of my actions.  Please stay away from being sucked into stating what you think your rights are and remember you are my child and always will be.

Many of your siblings have forgotten what I have done and my love for them.  They have allowed the promises of this world to cloud their judgment and have forgotten about my love for them.  One of your brothers and sisters were on the news.  It wasn’t good.  They began to stand for issues, I never intended for them to stand for.  During their interview, they questioned my love for them and asked for me to not contact them again.  They have forgotten, they are my children and always will be.

Don’t ever forget how I saved you when you were drowning.  Don’t ever forget the time when you cried out for me to carry you because you scrapped your leg. I came running to comfort you.  Don’t ever forget the time when I carried you into the operating room and watched over you as the doctors did their work.  Don’t ever forget the time when you cried because someone hurt you and I told you, “You are my child and always will be.”

Do you remember the time, when you were young and you went out all night with your friends, even though I gave you a curfew?  Did you forget the time you screamed, “I hate you” and stormed to your room?  How did I react?  Did I not explain the necessary discipline with tears in my eyes?  Did I not hug you deeply and held you until you fell asleep?  Did I not continue to watch over you and ensure your safety?  You are my child and always will be.

I have tried to remind your siblings of this very same thing.  My expression of love has been overwhelming, even though many have forgotten what I did for them.  They have forsaken my love to satisfy their own desires.  They have argued over needless topics and have twisted my guidance.  They believe things I never taught and claim I teach them.  They have even turned my own words against me in order to have their own following.  I am upset with them and will deal with them soon as a loving father.  They are my children and always will be.

Others have claimed to be my children even though I do not know who they are.  They have claimed to be knowledgeable about my business but deny what I am doing.  Many times, they have called and I have answered only to hear nothing but static and noise.  They do not visit me for dinner.  They do not come over for the holidays.  They only call when they need something but I cannot understand their language.  They are not my children and never will be.

Yet in spite of this, you have spent time with me.  You know who I am and I know who you are.  We have enjoyed each other’s company and holidays have been a blast.  The time we have spent together has been my most joyous times even in times of trials.  I have watched as you have grown from my little baby to my adult child.  You are my child and always will be.

Unfortunately, your siblings have forgotten that I commanded them to be of one mind and purpose.  They have forsaken my will and sought after what they want.  They call me only when they need something and when I try to talk, they either interrupt me or hang up.  I try to call them back but they do not pick up the phone.  I have spent countless hours crying over them, desiring that they come back to me and listen to my words.  In spite of their disobedience, they are my children and always will be.

They have forgotten the time when I rescued them from the fire.  They have forgotten the times I cried in front of them, yet they spit in my face.  Now they are attacking you because of me.  In their own desperation to explain the evil in the world, they deny what I have done and curse me to my face.  They march in the streets, spread hate over social media and push the agendas of my enemies.  No more do I recognize them, no longer can I stand and wait.  No longer can this disobedience continue.  They may be my children and always will be, but discipline to my house is coming!

I am still in charge.  I have never left my place of authority.  It was given to me by my father because of my love for him and you even if you don’t want to believe it.  In the coming days, I will discipline my children because of their disobedience.  They will come back to me whether in this life or the life to come, because they are my children and always will be.

I have never changed and never will, even if my children forsake me.  My words will always stand.  My rules have never waned.  No one can change what I have spoken for they have been written down for you.  I have ensured all of my letters have been gathered to one place for your convenience.  You have everything I want you to know in those letters.  Each letter was written with a specific purpose in mind, to ensure you never forget that I am your father.  You are my child and always will be.

The day is coming and almost here when I will come back for you.  I will return when I am allowed in the time my father commanded me.  When I arrive, you will know.  You will see me and I will bring you home.  Your suffering is almost over.  Your trials have just begun.  My children will be reminded of my love through my discipline.  I will not spare my rod and my discipline will hurt, but always remember, you are my child and always will be.

My child, forsake those who speak without thinking.  Leave alone those who would yell and shout over me rather than listen to my words.  Read my letters.  Call me just to say hello.  Do not allow yourself to go in the way of your siblings.  My children should not be divided.  If my children are divided, then my enemy will seek to destroy them.  They are my children and always will be.

The words I have spoken are true and right.  Did I not destroy those in Laodicea as I told to them so long ago?  Have my words ever fallen upon the deaf and not healed them?  Has not my touch restored eyesight to the blind?  Have I not already broken the chains of slavery and freed you from them?  Have I not already said, “IT IS FINISHED?”

Now I have instructions for you to do.  They are not new instructions but reminders of what I have already commanded.  Restore your brothers and sisters by showing them the love I have shown you.  Refrain from speaking what you want but give them the silence they deserve.  Was I not silent before my accusers?  In the same way, you should be silent and your silence will bring them to repentance.  No longer march in the street but share my message of hope and love with everyone.  Listen to my commands and do what I have asked.  You are my child and always will be.

Never forget my love for you.  Never forget I died and rose again for you.  Remember that my love for you is unexplainable, unimaginable and unforgettable.  I love you with my inmost being.  All I ask is for you to return that love by spending time with me.  Read my words and call on my name.  I will answer, even if my enemies try to hinder me.  Do not listen to the countless voices in your head but listen for my voice.  My sheep know my voice and follow me.  You are my child and always will be.

I love you and will return shortly.  Do not fret or be dismayed because my return will happen, even if others deny it.  When I come, I will bring you home and we will spend eternity laughing, working, walking and talking.  There will be no more pain or suffering.  I am building a place for your, if it weren’t so, I would have told you.  Let your focus be on me and not the circumstances surrounding you.  This is a temporary dwelling, a temporary home.  Your ultimate home is with me.

I love you and desire only good things for you.  As you obey the small things I commanded, then larger responsibilities will come.  Until that time, remember, you are my child and always will be.

In love,

Jesus Christ (The Risen Savior)


Debating The Rights of Morals

Our current culture feels the need to debate the rights of moral issues.  Why is that?  Isn’t the economy more important than morals?  It appears that the issues of today are about morality and not the economy.

Instead of stating, what some would appear as negative and bashing, I will simply state the fact and then plead the case of what is being rejected in the United States.

Fact #1:  Homosexual Marriage is one of the most strongly debated and opinionated issues.

Fact #2:  Transgenders and Pedophiles are trying to fight for their rights.

Fact #3:  Christians have been asked to keep their mouths shut.

Fact #4:  Christians are being told not to share what their lives.

Fact #5:  Both homosexuality and Christianity are choices by individuals.  (THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN BY SCIENCE!)

Our current society has shown that Christianity is not only disliked but hated.  Many organizations are suing over the fact that Christians want to express who they are through their beliefs.  Recently, there was a story of a Christian school being asked to take down the Bible verses in their classroom and sign because it “might scare and intimidate” the children.

Let’s take a look at history regarding what frightens children.  First, children are frightened by TV and movies.  This is mainly because they cannot differentiate between the reality and fantasy.  Second, it is a well known fact that children fear divorce.  Too many children are permanently and negatively affected by divorce.  Third, children are frightened by child abuse.  Bible verses that say, “Jesus loves you” are clearly not frightening nor disturbing.

So why all the ruckus surrounding Christianity?   Jesus told His disciples “They will hate you because of me”.  He didn’t say, “Don’t worry, be happy”, nor did He state, “Life will be a bowl full of cherries”.  Jesus has warned us time and time again that this life will hate and rebel against Jesus and what He taught.

However, in the United States, we also have the right to stand up for our rights in a civil manner.  I BELIEVE IT IS TIME FOR CHRISTIANS TO STAND UP NOW!!!!  If we do not start, then we will stop having the same rights as others.

This country was founded upon the rights of all people.  We were given the right to worship when we wanted, where we wanted and without retribution from our government.  We were given the right to gather without governmental approval to pray and sing to our Lord.  Now these same rights are in extreme jeopardy.

The public is so enamored with other “so-called rights issues” that they forget Christians founded this great nation.  They forgot that it was Christians that set up the Red Cross.  Christians who started the universities.  Christians to start the orphanages.  Christians who began to stand with African-Americans for their rights as human beings.

The reason for such a public debate regarding homosexual marriage is because they decided that marriage was their right.  When they started this public debate, they ensured that the Biblical view of marriage was attacked in a very negative way.  Many times, we heard “Christians are not being open minded” and “Christians are the one’s who are risking the freedoms in this country”.  These are simply lies.

If Christians weren’t open minded, then why would we help those who cannot choose the color of their skin.  We have helped those who do not have parents and those who are hurting due to natural disasters.  However, as it has been proven scientifically that homosexuals make a conscience choice to live that way and it is against what the Bible says, then Christians are being closed minded????  This is the debacle of the twisted mind of individuals who take truth and make them lies.

Those who are Christians have chosen to be Christians, just as homosexuals have chosen to live that way.  We have chosen to side with the Creator of the Universe (both seen and unseen) and follow Him.  Christians are allowed rights as well.  Christians should not be told to do things that are outside what they know to be true.

Christians are told to share the Gospel in love.  Christians are told that God comes first.  Christians are told to live in such a way that Christ is seen.  Christians have the right to read the Bible where they want.  Christians have the right to pray where they want.  Christians have the right to discuss and debate moral issues with whomever and whenever they choose.  The same universities that Christians started are the ones that are kicking Christians out of their own clubs and telling them they cannot choose leaders based on Christian beliefs.

This is the twisted tongue of our current world.  Christians have allowed this to happen for far too long.  It is time to start protesting in a public way regarding the simple rights of prayer and Bible reading.  Tell your children to pray in school before a meal.  Bring your Bibles to work and read them on your lunch break.  Take time to go to a park and pray for mankind to come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Start writing your politicians, asking them to stand up for the rights of Christians.

Our rights are not just being taken away, they are being destroyed.  Even though we will be hated by all society, we still have the right to stand up for what we know are our American rights.  I will not allow those who are close minded about Christianity to control me or my family.  We will continue to stand in the gap and say, “We may be beaten and hated, but we will not be silent.  Jesus is still Lord!”

God bless, encourage someone and stand up today!!!!

You’ve Gotta Get Into the Game to Win

When it comes to sports, my son know a lot more than I ever did at his age.  He understands the rules of baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer (just to name a few).  He has played many of these same sports with enjoyment and zeal.

A few years ago, he was on a soccer team where he was a substitute player.  He didn’t play much but wanted to commit himself to this team.  I believe part of it was because he loved to play soccer.  I think the other part of it was that he was committed to them because during his time of operations, his team cheered him to get well.  On one occasion, they even gave him a ball with all their signatures on it.  It was one of these displays of love that allowed my son to see what a team was really about.

When we look at sports and analyze it a bit, here are some observations about the sports we love.

  1. Most of us cheer the team we love.
  2. We yell and scream when our team does bad.
  3. We wear their jerseys and hats to show our commitment to them.
  4. We argue about who is better and why.
  5. We understand the technical aspects of our beloved sport and no one can say otherwise.
  6. We tell others about what our favorite team or players have done to make them successful.

However, there is one aspect that I didn’t list.  WE DON’T PLAY!  We are not the one’s who are getting hurt.  We are not the one’s who train for hours on end to become a driving machine for our team.  We are not in the game so we don’t win.

How many times have you heard someone say, “My team won that game” or “My team did a lot better than they have in the past”?  Even I have been guilty of saying that but unless I have a financial stake in a team, they are not my team.  The players don’t know anything about me.  They don’t think, “Oh I have got to call J.D. tonight and thank him for paying my salary”.  But most times we all are guilty of having this sense of success and pride when it comes to our team.

In most sports, there is also a “Hall of Fame”.  Even my favorite sport, bowling, has a hall of fame.  The best of the best are listed there.  They have been successful in their sport.  They have become experts in the craft they love.  These men and women are the one’s we look up to and think “I want to be like that someday”.  Did you know that there is a ‘hall of fame’, in the Bible?

In Hebrews 11 (the later part of the New Testament), there is a list of people who, for all intents and purposes, are the hall of fame’rs’ in faith.  They are real people with real lives.  They did extraordinary things but lived ordinary lives.  All of them made plenty of mistakes and all of them had something special that God liked.  Here is a short list of these people:

  • Enoch – A man who dedicated his life to God’s purposes.
  • Noah – A man who believed God would flood the earth and built a boat.  He also was a drunkard.
  • Abraham – Known as the father of all nations who left his comfortable life to travel with God.  He also committed adultery and lied often.
  • Issac – He was committed to God’s purposes in his sons lives.  He too was a consistent liar.
  • Jacob – A deceiver who conned his brother to sell his birthright.  He also wrestled with God and understood that without God, nothing can be accomplished.
  • Moses – The man who led Israel out of Egypt.  He was also a murderer.
  • Rahab – She hid the Israelite spies when they were approaching the Promised Land. She was also a prostitute.

There were many others listed.  But did you notice one thing?  Most of these people were sinners like you and I.  They weren’t perfect.  They doubted God, did their own thing but ultimately knew that it was God’s Kingdom that they needed to be committed to.

In this same chapter it states, “They were stoned, they were sawed in two, they were put to death by the sword.  They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated – the world was not worthy of them.”  Isn’t it amazing to see this?  We view our heroes as wealthy, athletic and successful.  We don’t see them as homeless and destitute but these people did one thing that most of us are unwilling to do today – to give up our comfort zone to be a success on God’s team.

When I see this list, I wonder how many of us would say, “I want to be a part of that list.”  And how many of us would then take the actions to be a part of that list?  If we are to be truthful with ourselves, we would say, “Not me.”  I don’t want to take part in losing my home, my rights,my cell phone, Xbox or computer.  I want to live a life of comfort.”  Fortunately, we don’t have to be poor or destitute.  Abraham was very wealthy and he made this list.  So do you want to be a part of God’s hall of fame?  Here is how you do it.  Ready?

“By faith” do what you were called to do.

That’s it!  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  We are just to obey what God has destined us to do.  We are to do the work that God has for us to bring His message of hope to all generations and all people.  Start by doing the simple things, then as your faith grows, your actions will follow that faith.  If you have a lot of faith, you will do a lot of things.  If you have a little bit of faith, then you will do a little bit of things.  But no matter where you are at, remember, to be in God’s Hall of Fame, we need to start simple.  Start one thing today and your faith will grow.  When we do this, we show the world we are a part of the best team – God’s team.

God bless and encourage someone today.

What if Your Rights Were Suddenly Taken Away

“What if your rights were taken away” is a question that draws so many emotions.  Some might say, “I would fight to get them back”, while others may say, “I’ll try to live with it.”  No matter what end of the spectrum you come from, our response to that question may tell us what drives us and what we believe.

The word belief can be described as “conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence.”  This means that there is a level of understanding and knowledge that is founded on factual evidence.  However, it also implies that we actively study to get that level of conviction.  Either way you look at it, our beliefs will actively affect how we feel about certain questions.

Paul, the apostle who wrote most of the New Testament, had very specific convictions and beliefs.  When he wrote the letter to the Philippian church, he expressed these convictions with evidence that could not be reputed.

Paul starts off his letter with expressions of gratitude and thankfulness.  He was grateful to Christ for sustaining the Philippian church.  He was thankful for their expression of love for Him by continuing on the mission of Jesus Christ, to proclaim that He is risen and lives with the Father.  However, Paul also includes some ideology that was happening during his time.  He mentions about people sharing the Gospel for both monetary gain as well as for purity.  He talks about convictions that made no sense and were determined to be false doctrine.  He also explains what God is looking for in life, but what struck me was not just the positive message, but the attitude of Paul’s letter.

In Philippians 1:12-14 Paul writes the following:

“ I want you to know, brothers,that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel, so that it has become known throughout the whole imperial guardand to all the rest that my imprisonment is for Christ.  And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the wordwithout fear.” (NASB)

Did you notice the problems?  Paul was in prison.  Other people who were proclaiming Christ were also in prison.  Think about this for a moment.  What would happen to you and I if we found out people we personally knew were being placed in prison for simply sharing their faith in Christ?  What would our reaction be?  Would we proudly stand up or cower in the corner?  These questions we need to wrestle with.  Why?  Because as Americans we are slowly losing the battle for the rights given to us by our forefathers.  More and more, there are fronts to silence the testimony of the church.  One front is if someone comes to you during your lunch break and asks you about your beliefs, there is a chance you could lose your job because it may be against company policy.  Another area is when churches want to gather for a worship service, they are being denied access to places that other organizations are allowed to access.  This is what is currently happening in New York City.

Did you also notice the attitude towards Paul’s circumstances?  Paul was happy and proud to write that their imprisonment was causing others to stand up and speak without fear.  Was this natural or from an outside source, that is still a debate, but in my experience, I believe (with conviction) that this lack of fear to proclaim the Gospel was from God.  Why do I feel that way?  Look around today.  Most Christians do not speak up about their beliefs.  In fact, most have decided to simply live quiet lives, never really expressing what they believe and why they believe it.  Unfortunately, this has happened in the past with unprecedented and unfortunate results.

In the 1920’s, Germany was experiencing an economical downturn that other countries (like the United States) had experienced.  There was limited food, limited jobs and limited everything else.  People were starving and suffering like never before.  In the 1930’s, a young man started to speak up.  He proclaimed a future of prosperity, a future that would end hunger for his people.  Treaties were made with Great Britain and other Eastern European countries that appeared to be good for their society.  Everyone thought the future was bright.  There were celebrations in many nations, but a small group of people saw something different.  They expressed that this man was deceptive and had other intentions.  They claimed that no matter what peace he promised, he would never keep his promises.  His alleged prosperity would turn to poverty once again.  However, no one listened.

The name of this man was Adolph Hitler.  He promised many positive things.  He promised prosperity.  He promised peace.  He promised he would never attack any other countries to further his country’s causes.  All his promises were for naught.  As we all know, Hitler was one of the worst murderers of our time.  However, what most people don’t know was that the church at that time also saw the signs but decided to ignore them.  They ignored the typical signs of a horrible leader.  History has taught us that if someone promises prosperity and peace, the likelihood of that actually happening is extremely slim if at all.  When a leader starts to talk against a specific group of people that has done nothing to instigate that criticism, the likelihood of that leader taking steps to suppress that people is very great.  The church of the 1930’s saw what was happening, they never spoke up.  It wasn’t until Hitler also killed Christians alongside the Jews that they started to notice.

From both this passage in Philippians and history, we must learn that we may lose our rights one day.  We may experience suffering and jail time.  No matter what we will face, we must all take Paul’s attitude.  If we end up in jail for Christ, then so be it.  Maybe if that starts to happen, others may take up the cause of Christ and spread the Gospel once again with fervor and zeal.  Rather than wait for persecution to occur, let’s take up our crosses daily and follow Christ in His mission, to save the lost.

God bless and encourage someone today.

Would You Give Up Your Rights?

This month, I have been focusing on the United States Constitution, our rights and politics. Today, I want to ask you this question, “Would you give up your rights?”  Think about this for a moment.  Would you give up your right to “freedom of speech”?  Would you give up your right to gather in an orderly fashion?  Would you give up your right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Would you give up these or any rights?

Hopefully, the answer to these questions is a resounding ‘NO”.  However, what if I told you that you give up your rights daily?  What if you willingly gave up your rights for a single night of pleasure?  What if you were willing to give up your rights for just the right “high”?  What if I told you we do this almost everyday, without realizing it?

As Christians, we have been set free.  Free from sin.  Free from this world’s thinking.  Free from loneliness, bitterness and anger.  We have been set free, but we also bind ourselves to the “sin that so easily entangles us.”  How do I state this so confidently?  Because I also willingly give up my freedom for simple sinful pleasures.

On the cross, Jesus said, “It is finished.”  He didn’t say, “It is somewhat finished” or “I’ll finish this at a later time.”  Jesus was very clear, “It is finished”.  But what was finished at the cross?  What did Jesus mean by this simple statement?

In Luke 4, Jesus is explaining that Isaiah the prophet spoke about Him.


Jesus stated he was here to ”set free those who are oppressed” and to “proclaim release to the captives”.  Was he talking with prisoners in jail?  Was he speaking to those on trial, waiting for judgement?  No, he was actually teaching people from Scripture.  He was teaching about an aspect of life we rarely talk about.  We are all (or were) slaves to something and occasionally, we willingly become slaves again to our old nature.

Think of it this way.  Someone has been talking to you about Christ.  They explain where they came from, what they used to do and how Christ has changed them.  They, with excitement, tell you how free they feel.  You recognize that there is something wrong in your life and accept Christ as your Savior.  Immediately, you feel this sense of freedom.  You feel this unexplained joy, not deserved love that you never felt before.  You know beyond any shadow of doubt, you have been set free from your old self.  Then life gets in the way.

You find yourself going back to your old habits.  Maybe it was anger.  Maybe it was lust.  Maybe it was selfish pride.  Suddenly, you sense that you don’t have the joy you once had. You no longer feel that you are in God’s perfect and pleasing will.  You stop reading and praying for weeks on end.  You start to feel depressed and saddened.  You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  You no longer feel free.

This is what happens when we disobey God and His Word.  We feel like slaves once again.  We feel like we have no control.  In essence, we are chained, once again, to the old nature, allowing it to take over and do with us as it pleases.  However, life does not have to be this way.

When we willingly sin and go back to our old self, we place the chains on ourselves and say to God, “I know I am sinning and want to be a slave to sin.”  We no longer express our joy for what Christ has done.  We no longer feel the excitement of sharing Christ with others.  Again, life doesn’t have to be this way.

Scripture says, “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.”  We, as Christians, need to set our mind on the Kingdom rather than the affairs of this world.  This world and it’s system will one day die, but God’ Kingdom will live forever.  We must always remember, just because we have been set free, doesn’t mean that we are exercising our freedom.

In the United States, we have freedoms most countries do not have.  However, when we do not exercise that freedom we say to our ancestors, “What you did, did not matter.”  Would you tell George Washington, “You fought for nothing?”  Probably not, but that is exactly what we tell God when we do not exercise our spiritual rights.  We tell him that the work Christ did on the cross does not matter.

We must all realize that as Christians, we choose to sin and to obey.  We don’t just fall into sin.  We willingly sin.  We willingly disobey.  This is a much greater concern that those who do not know they are sinning.  We must examine our own lives and ask ourselves, “Am I exercising the rights given to me?”  We must all look into the center of our lives and commit to exercise the rights Christ gave to us.

When we commit our lives to Christ, we are set free and become willing servants of Christ.  Don’t allow your sin to creep back in and silence your freedom.  Exercise your right to say no to sin.  God bless and encourage someone today.

The Constitution Forgotten

Do you know what the preamble of the United States Constitution says?  I thought it was different than what I read.  Here it is for reference:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Pretty amazing, right?  Well to understand it we need to break it down a bit.  “We the People of the United States…”  Our forefathers believed that the people made the decisions.  The people had the power.  They had come from a government that oppressed people.  They weren’t allowed to tell their officials how they felt.  So, in good and sound mind, they felt the people should make the decisions.

Today, we live in an country where the government makes you think you have the rights but do not.  Although we have the right to vote, it appears we no longer have the right to voice our opinions regarding political agendas.  In recent days, there has been an outcry for the recognition of homosexual marriage and the forceful behavior of our Executive Branch to force private insurance companies to insure things some people believe to be wrong.  Here is an example:

When asked about homosexual marriage, the majority of the people (in various polls), state that it shouldn’t be recognized as a natural union.  They believe that the union between one man and one woman is the right way to be.  However, in various states, although the people have voiced this, the government has chosen a different path.  The rogues of our political society have recklessly approved something the people have voiced they don’t want.  Does that sound like Democracy at work?  It sure doesn’t sound like our current leaders have the Constitution in mind, where the people have the right to vote about it.

Let’s look at why the Constitution was written:

  • to form a more perfect Union
  • establish Justice
  • insure domestic Tranquility
  • provide for the common defence
  • promote the general Welfare
  • secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

First, our forefathers wanted to form a union that was “more perfect”.  They knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, they just wanted it to be better than what they had.  Next, the wanted to establish justice.  When you define justice it is defined as “the quality of being just, impartial or fair”.  This certainly doesn’t sound like our society today.  Although our founders knew that this one was hard to achieve, they understood the importance of impartiality.  Someone who is serving the people needs to be impartial and hear out the people.  Then they can properly voice what the people want and vote as the people have cried out.  We see today, many elected officials acting on behalf of corporations, organizations and their own desires.  We no longer see the impartiality in the news when they speak.  We no longer see the impartiality of the votes during sessions of Congress and we certainly do not see the elected officials speaking on impartiality when it comes to their state.  We only see their agendas and desires being met.

Next, we see to insure domestic Tranquility.  Our founders wanted peace, especially domestic peace.  But how do you get domestic peace?  Not by telling everyone that the other party is the bad guy.  We can only have domestic peace if we work together.  This was the main idea in this.  They wanted every citizen to work together for the good of the country.

“Provide for the common defence” is a term used to describe the  security of the nation.  We all have one thing in common in the United States.  We live in the same country and if we are citizens are to look out for our nation.  Many times we see agendas that have nothing to do with bettering the country, just things to fulfill one’s evil desires.

To “promote the general welfare” is to encourage others to become citizens, join the cause of the country and live as you desire.  This does not mean the right to do whatever, whenever.  It means that in accordance with the law, to live peaceful lives giving yourself to others in order to have a society where others want to be a part of it.  Sound familiar?  It should.  If you are a Christian, Jesus said the same thing.  We are to live Godly, peaceful lives, serving others for the betterment of the Kingdom.  Huh!?!  It sounds like our forefathers had Scripture in mind.  Now that goes against the grain of our current elected officials.

Finally, to secure the liberties for themselves and posterity.  What does all that mean?  Simply put, it means that they wanted to provide secure rights for all of their current society as well as for future generations.  They did not have just themselves in mind, they had all of us in mind as well.  They knew that society could not properly continue if you only think of yourself.  We all need to think of others.  We all need to serve others.  We all need to understand that once our lives are completed, the next generation has to deal with the garbage or goodness that we placed in their laps.

As I study our Constitution, I am discovering that our current government forgot what they were supposed to do.  They have forgotten the reasons our country wrote the Constitution.  We need to remind them of what our forefathers meant.  This is not an interpretation problem, it is simply a pride problem. However, we also need to pray for our elected officials as well.  We know from Scripture that our elected officials are there because God allowed them to be there.  Lastly, we need to pray that others, who have the gift of impartiality, are able to stand up and cry out for those who need it most, the people.  We need other God fearing, Jesus loving, evangelical Christians to stand up and say, “Enough is enough!  You have strayed from our forefathers vision and we are here to take it back.”  So this November remember your vote counts.

There is more to come, but for now, God bless and encourage someone today.

The Unification Call – NYC vs. Churches

In today’s political culture we are seeing some of the best examples of individuality and sarcasm.  We see Democrats fighting with Republicans.  Democrats fighting with Democrats.  Republicans fighting Republicans.  Wall street fighting with…never mind that.

Inclusive with this is the motivation to flip-flop whenever it suits the interests of the individual.  They rally from pro-life to pro-choice.  They commit to change the economy only to find their records show no evidence of that.  We see some who are angry, attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with them.  We see insults and indignation.  However, we are also seeing a unification call against religious freedom.

This year, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the pleas of churches that rented the auditoriums of schools.  The result was the NYC government cracking down on churches that want to rent these spaces.  It is not because of drug dealing, prostitution or gang wars.  It is because someone in charge decided they didn’t like Christians.  This week, churches got together in NYC to fast and pray for our religious freedom. So I decided to think about both sides of this story.

On one hand, the NYC government doesn’t want churches gathering in a school auditorium, most likely because it costs money to allow access to these schools.  Think about it, the custodian needs to open the facility, a city guard needs to be placed there, the heat needs to be put on.  All this costs money.  However, the problem with that thinking is that these churches pay to use these facilities. Some of them are paying in upwards of thousands of dollars each month.  This is more than enough to pay for the heat and salaries of those that need to be there.  Okay, so is it only churches that are being asked to leave?  It appears so.

NYC officials say to have a religious organization meet in a school would imply that their beliefs are the crux of the local neighborhood.  (Okay.  I have to stop here to comment.)  A church meeting in a school where the name on the building is the school.  How is that saying their beliefs are overtaking the neighborhood?  This makes no logical sense.

Next the same official said what NYC was doing would be a win for school children in diverse neighborhoods.  How does a church meeting on a Sunday morning for prayer affect school children.  THE SCHOOL ISN’T OPEN FOR CHILDREN ON SUNDAYS!

Late last year, NYC government also tried to stop children from organizing their own “after hours religious club” (again Christian kids) and lost that battle because the laws state if it is run and organized by kids, it’s okay.

Here is another confusing thought.  The NYC school system makes teachers pay for their kids school supplies.  They do not provide the most basic needs for the kids.  In the areas where these churches meet are mainly poorer areas where the money can be used.  Are you telling me that the billionaire mayor doesn’t want to make money for the city and use it for the good of the community?

Now here is a question that hasn’t been publicized so much.  Can these churches afford other places to rent?  The simple answer is no.  If these churches rent from other churches, then the churches that rent to those churches are no longer considered churches as they are now considered for-profit organizations and they lose their 503C status.  Then the churches that want their 503C status don’t rent to the needy churches so the needy churches need to find another location.  The problem?  All private companies (most of NYC businesses) do not have to rent to anyone.  They own the facility therefore, they can rent to anyone they want.

Now, the public facilities are being threatened because someone doesn’t like the Christians praying.  Hmmm.  Do you think this is about religious freedom or lack thereof?

So, I am asking all Christians to stand up and unify.  According to the Scriptures, we serve one God, who gave us His One and only Son.  Just before Jesus died on the cross, He told the disciples to love one another and others will know that they are His because of their love.  Paul writes later on to be one mind, spirit and purpose.  Even though we are varying beliefs due to culture or interpretations, we are still called to be unified with our core beliefs.

Did Jesus die for you and I?  Do you believe that Jesus is Lord of all?  Then we are part of the same family.  Different thought processes.  Different cultural tendencies, but one family.


So I am asking you to stand up and sign a petition.  Just go to http://www.frcation.org and look up the title “Help Stop New York’s Attack on Faith and the First Amendment”  Fill out the petition form and say you are standing with those whose rights are being threatened.

If this were happening to any other religious belief system, there would be an outcry like never before.  There would be media all over this, but because it is Christians, we just sit down and ignore the reality that we are losing our rights each year.

I am encouraging you to stand for Who you believe in.  If you do not, this is only a portion of what is to come in the future.  Remember, we are to be unified, so let’s take up that call from God and show our society how much God loves them by standing up for our rights.  Through unification there will be one voice.

I hope you will understand the severity of this current political issue.  It could end up going nationwide some day.  God Bless and encourage someone today.